Monday, December 14, 2009

The Body Shop Love Perfume

A Month ago The Body Shop organized
Love Perfume ETC Contest ...

1st 10 submission will get a bottle
of New Release Love Lotion =} ~

You can submit either Picture or Video.
Both submission has to express your Love ^_^.

After several Video Contest I joined.
I just gets addicted with the FUN being a..
CAM WHORE =___= ~

So... I decided to submit VideOOooo ~
The JingJiaSiao present.....

LOVE in the Morning by Jing Jing

Nope, no vote require. 1st 10 submission will do.

But ofcoz, I didn't simply shoot one out .
It tooks me an hour to practise the spraying and throwing =_=
The spray doesn't come out n da toy hit my head several times T.T

And here's my early Christmas Present from The Body Shop.
Delivered all the way from KL ^_^ ~

Just LuVvvvv it ~~~
Tank yewWwWww BodyShop!!!! ^_^v


Tian Chad @ 永遇乐 said...

As usual, creative JingJing =)
Do you ever think of get involve with artwork related job? Try it~!

Jing Jing said...

Thanks ChadChad.

I did think of it but everytime when i looks at my education background, it doesn't allow me to think further =[

but i will grab every opportunity that pass by. ^^

Thankssss for this motivation advise. U've jz add up a lil confident in me. ^_^

Yennie Lee said...

Support Jing Jing.. "Love" you video, kinda funny.. hahaahaa..

Jing Jing said...

hahAHHAhaHHaa ...

Yennie ar, Love the "Love Video" or Love me ? xD

Hurrayyy, I recif a lil Love today!
Weeeeee ~~~ ^_^v

Yennie Lee said...

both! heheheehee..