Thursday, January 14, 2010

Prizes for end 2009

al'rite... I've change my mind (again ^_^!!)

I decided not to blog about my prizes due to
some Pengacau who's been spamming over my blog.
Spam almost everyday... everynight....
( He syok visit me wor, what to do ~ )

But looks like Pengacau is forever a Pengacau.
Trying to be humble... blog about my lifestyle...
I love peace ^_^V ....But neh hor...
Someone is getting KOR FAN neh...

I just be who i am la....
No energy to bother bout ur feelings anymoree ~~

back to were I stop from previous winning.
RUUMZ again ~ ^_^!!!

Most Wanted Ruumate
1) Samsung LCD TV 32 inch
-Blog this earlier carring my baby home HERE ^_^

2) Acer Aspire Timeline Laptop
teng ~ How much I love this one !!

Unwrap it right away at 3am when I reach Penang

Slim enough...^_^ but don't la compare to MacBook =_=
Long lasting 8hr battery with 3 USB holes ( it's a girl again)

Closer look for da unwrap moment ~

slowly get her naked... woOoOo ~ ^_^!!!

and the baby is boRnNNNnn ~~

2) Wiggy Modem with 1 years subscription
- but my wimax still not yet activate =_=

can see but kenot use ...>.<

3) Samsung Amani Handphone
I think its for guy. Very colourful looks just like Disco ~

Dad doesn't want it... thats why I put at my garage

Very nice set and Dad took it at then end. xD

4) Barbie Eyes Contact Lens by Minton Yap
- Gave to friend, doesn't got a chances to snap it

5) Mooks and Ripcurl vouchers worth RM1000
But I've spend those vouchers for my family and biatches

my beloved sister gets one ~~~

and myself... RM99 for a shirt ... faint man @.@

grab some socks for mama, thick n comfortable ~

ofcoz never in my life to buy it.
RM99 ... my one week's meal =__=

look closer at their design, u might feel worth it !!

Threw da rest to my friend,
I couldn't afford to buy it ...T.T

6) 2000 blings to be spend in ruumz
opSs... spent some for ruumz causes ^_^

7) Features in Faces Magazine !!!
This is only da beginning ...T.T

Show your move live ~

Survey about tattoo ~

Ruumates Introduction

Lazy type out mine ... sorry sorry T.T ~

The waits are over ~

excitedly flip over da pages ~

A dream just came true
Unforgettable moment ~

here da yong sui one came out ~

Torture your eyes a lil more... =__=

Faces Survey Contest
- I go cut my magazine and join the contest inside =_=
Jia lat leh... but still win something ~~ hO ho hooo

1) Book ( Not yet read =_= )
2) Cavin CD ( not yet listen )

3) Guy Facewash ( sista took forget da brand =_=)

4) Redken wax ( cool coz i dun hv one ^_^ )

5) Garnier Face wash ( haven use )
6) Revlon Lash Fantasy 2 Mascara

- Love this the most , unique 2 way black and white!

Ruumz Refferal Contest
1) Ruumz merchandise
sorry if i had blog this one. I forgot ~
Love ruumz's pen da most !!

Autoworld Contest
1) Alat alat kereta yang saya tak guna.
- I stunt a moment where come this rice cooker
and i gets fooled by its cover... =_=

well... ting tong tiang, ting tong tiang
these stuff worth RM500 ^_^

and goes to sista and biatche's car
I only ride a scooter .... T.T

NetOnBoard Contest
1) Intel USB Speaker
kewl... and surprise to know I'm da winner.
Luckily Jared told me, Ten kiu kid !!

Voucherme Contest
1) Sushi King Voucher RM10

KFC Bettles Contest
1) RM400 KFC Vouchers

- RM100 goes to my supporters

they just deserve it !!

- RM100 keep for my biatchesSs
Thank you for your support all the times!!!
Without YOU , I'm NOTHING !!!

Jacobs Raya Contest
1) Jusco Vouchers RM2000
- guess i had show this off at previous blog HERE ^_^

how good it could be a forever spend !

Bliv Tagline Contest
1) Bliv Hamper worth RM500
- wow , surprisingly I'm one of da Top Ten =D

Hua hua hua... all da way from KL ~

Looks pretty cool de, they arranged it so pro ~

tooks me awhile to seperate it off =_=
and i still got no idea how to use it ....
( why la born as a girl... so Ma Fan hor @.@ )

New Zealand Ice Cream Contest
1) 12 tub of Ice Cream
- Blog earlier about the efforts HERE ^_^

Need to claim from Seberang Perai

Sorry for no extra,
Need to love my family 1st

The Body Shop Love ETC Contest
1) Love ETC Hand Wash
- Submited my weird video HERE

I guess that's all ba ~
These is all accumulated for months
as I decided not to blog it out earlier.

umMM... so, how your winning lately?
Do remember to share with me ya =)

Stay tune for more gadgets coming the way.
and do support my garage.
Guarantee new and cheap ^_^v

OnG ONG mali mali ~~


Dave said...

wah lao you really win a lot of prizes!!! hope you can win more prizes in 2010... gambateh!!!

mama zharfan said...

all the best and good luck for 2010!!! u deserve all ur hardwork & effort jj!!!

Jing Jing said...

Dave, will spend more time wf friends n family liao. Thats why score my best b4 2010 xD

aWww mama zharfan!!
Long time no see~~~
I'm sorry I nvr got time to check my own comment. T.T

Miss yew~ , hope u keep shine ur mailbox with lotsa prizes comin too!!!! =D

Jing Jing said...

every why has a wherefore???
explain pls....