Saturday, January 16, 2010

D'Joint Cafe Bar New Year 2010

That's da place where my biatches plan to rock on
in da NEW YEAR 2010...

It's pretty crowded but I didn't shoot da humans.
Coz I feel weird when those human act like celebrities
whenever I try to shoot at d environment ...=__=||

aww... alright, I change my mind.
Looks like nobody free to care about me... @.@

And da 'syok sendiri' activities now begin....
That's my bitchy looks.....
Bought da shirt 2 yrs back T.T ~

eHHhh... i'm in rush le.... cincai grab a
RED RED ong ong dress will do ler >.<

Kinda sleepy so I'm doing some Po Po Po Ker eyes
technique to stay awake. Lady Gaga song works , man !!!

Yea, never miss this section.....
Proudly to be da 1st to torture da camera ^_^|||

umm... it's crowded but not until you couldnt walk la...
U can still managed to get a place to sit n drink n kaypo
around de. Still could get some fresh air compare to Gurney T.T

Da TWINS named Ham Jing Ben and Yew Za Koay ~
Sometimes just hate to shoot with her.
Keep stold my limelight.... babi !!!!

We even caught some homo activities around
the area... O.O||| ... sOOoo GAY !!!!!!!!!!

and even saw maid abuse during this wonderful night.
But as this maid looks pretty Yong Sui...
So we just stop and stare while enjoying da beer xD ~

some terrorist were fighting to get their bomb ready.

all of sudden a bomb was pointing at me.
and this is da Notty Chubby little soldier !!!

I jump up from my position...
Flip over some chairs.....
Skipping zig zag from all direction...
and snatch da bomb 90 degree on air !!!

I looks like a HERO saving my lil Princess
Chris behind me huh, so 'yengggggg' ...^_^||

and the WAR begin ~~~~

bing bang bomb , bing bang bomb !!!
U're so lucky, no need go there also can see...
May my virtual ONG ONG bomb,
Brings luck and follow you home ~~~~~ =D

Then... celebration begin... so heppi !!
We're Still SURVIVE ~~~~
Wah, who so smart cover their glass n not mine!! =_=

Our baby sitter... I mean our beer sitter who make sure
we sit and beer and sit and beer and sleep and beer @.@

Feel to molest her waist .....
So smooth and fair.... >.< |||
But think twice, she go Bomb with her ~ T.T

wahHH... da 1st Tiger I saw for da year.
nGaUUmmMm ~~ so wild ....O.O
Looks like she gonna bite off da glass... >.<

Ofcoz da Group Photo !!!
These biatches are all from CLS ~
Cool Ladies School.... ^_^

uMmm... this isn't a complete set =(
Some of them just gone missing go fire up da washroom =_=

we loop in da Tiger to ONG our Tiger Year... gRrrRR !!

I cabut quite early about 1am+ ...
Don't scold me la... I still cough that time, remember ??

You don' wish I cook you my lung for dinner , right... >.<
HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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