Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Prizes for January 2010 - Good Opening

owHHh... so fast...
It's END of January already

Exabytes Blog & Win Contest

1) Cheque
Joining last year. Da prize was suppose to be
an Iphone 3Gs !! Is my dream phone ^_^

But some issue happen, so I accept the cheque~
I'm Money Face anyway xD... ekkEKekkeE

THANKS Exa Bytes for running the Merdeka Campaign!
and my entry ---> HERE ^_^

I keep the money and aiming to get
my NEW Scooter xD ~~~
brOOomm bROoomm weeeeee ~
BanGG... eee ooo eee ooo ambulance ~
( choy ~~ TOUCH WOOD !!!! )

2) Ipod Shuffle 2gb
Won from Tweet & Win Contest organized
by Exa Bytes in conjunction of Merdeka too!
I think I've post it up ealier ---> HERE ^_^

FoodStreet Photo Contest
1) Food Vouchers
wahh... gonna be a real fatty during CNY ~
Let's get FAT baby !!!!

sending some to my beloving voters ~ ^_^
spreading da fats n live bold together !! >.<

Digi HP Mini Poster Contest
1) HP Mini Netbook
wOOohOoo... DiGi so sporting.
Giving away HP Mini Netbook DAILY !!!

yea... all U have to do is submit Creative Photo
with your Digi Modem...=D
ofcoz must active one la... =__=

I'm kinda Netbook Collector...
Owning a HP Mini is always in my list !! xD

3 USB hole and SD Card .... Very usable !!!
It's battery shaped "L" like a stand,
It makes da keypad narrow down to ur hand,
U can relax both arm and rest ur palm,
Surfing freely with no cramp and much FUN!

Wah seh.... I talk like a HP promoter ~~ >.<

Bigger keypad 90% as big as Home Computer,
It's pretty easy to get coop for those lousy typer ~ ^_^
Don't worry if U got an Elephant Fingers,
Having a Cock Eye doesn't even matter !! >.<

yea... seeing my Kambing smile and you
could guess how much I love it !!!

Oooii , don't envy wei. U have no idea how my
Journey is all about .... T.T

damn, why my hair looks like janggut kambing =_=

Nestle Invite Friend Contest
1) Milo 3 Packs
Cute huh ?? and Nestle stuff is so friendly n concern.
They call and call to make sure U do received it .
How nice to have such organizer !!! I support you Nestle !!

[goOssh, mum took it... 'sei for' how to snap >.< ]

Nescafe Script and Video Contest

1) Cheque
WahHh, this is hard to do .
And all credit goes to dear KEL KEL !!!

With his bombastic English, He submit a bombastic story.
He gets chosen as Top 20 and it's not easy !! CongratzZzz ~~~~

He loop me in for spamming and share the fortune.
awww.... Sank Kewww ~~
Arigato happily swinging wf my broom ~ ^_^

We've been working hard to spam, beg, force and whack people's UP,
Hell yea.... gangster wanna-be collecting votes like Sor Hai and NUT !

2) Ipod Shuffle 4gb
eiii ? How come win so many ??
Coz this is under referrers category.
YeSss... ush ush !! I always want da silver colors.

and 4gb!!!
I haven't do da comparison between
da OLD version wf this NEW slim sexy version.
This NEWer version, da volume is attach to da earphone.
How good it is ?? I no time kaji , soweeee >.<|||

3) GSC Movie Tix x 4
eiii... why can't finish winning de?? I'm one of da voter ma =_=
It's not my submission, I'm da ke-le-feh supporting nia >.<

Perodua ALZA Photo Contest

1) Cheque
wow... now I see da miracle of Bad Guy indirectly turns Good One.
Trying to ruin my reputation huh ??

Swearing to God and kicking dust to my eyes.
Who? No idea baby, but for sure a Loser who failed to beg more votes!
U can scroll down for my previous blog's comment n da shoutbox.
How exactly a loser could act ? Exactly n worse than u can see on TV !

I can blink one or twice for your back-stabbed but please keep this in mind
GOD NEVER BLINK !! ( fiak me, I'm saying YOU, you know who u r !! )

That's me ( Feel free to crop my head and tell da rest I'm a biatCh!! )
la la la ~~~ wow , I'm acting LANSI to some kinda Siew-Yan ~

and this is my entry... weeeee ~


Keatsan said...

Thanks for your Coupon! Me likey very much!

You have my continuation support, baby! :P

Kelvin 'finalkt3' Tan said...

I recif liao, I got liao~

Fallen Angel said...

Wow so many voucher o.0
I think if I'm Jing I stop working already.. Full time contest :p
Anyway thank you for the true legend voucher.. Looking forward to 'snap' more voucher from you again in future!

Don't worry there are always people with red eye on you that's why they throw hurtful word at you.. Just don't let them harm you..

mEoW MeOw said...

wah...win win win..
good creative entry you've got der..

Jing Jing said...

^_^ thanks meow meow~

Wish u ong ong ong too =D