Monday, June 29, 2009

Journey to MWR - Voting Party

awww... can't really sleep.
Get up at 6am...
Make sure I pack everything....
and KL... here i come !!!!!

Before the journey starts...
Meet my boss for the day...

Rachel Koh @ Rachel Kokonut

I knew her from ruumz !!
We are ngam key....
We are both Rachel.... and
We got .... THE SAME MOLE !!! ( can u belif that !!)

there's suppose to be an assistant
Jack Tam @ Chicken Wing but he's holding d camera.

They treat me "Yu Dao Mai Fan"

then Rachel brings me around at The Curve =}

she sacrify her work to take care of me today!!

umm... i got no idea what she's watching with
this kind of expression.... o.O"

then Andrew the Kangaroo hand me my Ipod Nano
for the winning of Be My Ruumates @ BMR Contest

then Lilian brief us about the event....
and this John Lean is sleeping !!!!

The girls are pretty excited...
They bee-bok bee-bok bee-bok the whole day....

yeaa.... i'm the quiet one ( really ???? )
coz... I dunno what they're talking about =__="
and Luckily Karmen entertain me =} .....

Nothing to do...
So, I go kaypo over the guys ~ weeeeeee ~

This is John Lean. Good Morning !!
And he looks cuter in real life .... wow ~

Next... Dicky Oscar ~
Yea... the fella with good stamina in dancing....

His Video --> Dicky Oscar's Life
He looks far more better comparing to his photo.
and that's why i promote abit.... lalala ~

This is Raesa... She's friendly ~!!

and I think she really looks abit like her cat O.O !!

then... I go Kaypo with Coco Woo....
She got the Sexiest profile in ruumz !!!!

She's very sporting.... and I advise you...
DO NOT challenge her with her alcohol skill.

weee... this is Kiwi See...
She's da one talk to me when I'm in the middle of nowhere.

Poor her sit infront of me....
Now she's my victim without make up.... (HAHAHA!)

Here I am !! ~
Who else will be so helpful to take pic for me?

Thanks KIWI !!! .... xD

now is my turn to become a peacock !!

OMG... she's gonna dig my eyes out !!!~~

James Chong come over to greet me =}
( why la you block his face =_=" )

umm... I'm done !! =}
arGGhh... there's my partner ( for MWR's task) behind me =_="

smoke and drink at the same time~
HATE YOU !!! ( don't worry, he knew that xD ~)

jeng jeng jeng....
Me again.... wow, the fake eyelash really looks so fake!

thats me done with my make up...

Beside me is Minton @ Batman (He sponsor the contact lens)
and I know my hair looks a lil bit like curtains... =_="

I get my MOOKS 's beach wear for the fashion show.
and go meet up with Alex @ wassup !

Jing Jing : hey, do you think is possible
for me
to jump and smack your head???
Alex : umm.... maybe ~
Alex : umm... maybe not ...

Jing Jing : alrite... =_=" ~

Catch whats happening inside The Santuary....
( in my next blog.... )

More Videos and Photos at
Jing Jing's Ruumz Profile!!


Tian Chad @ 永遇乐 said...

Kiwi is gonna kill u for that photo ar! ;p

Jing Jing said...

whyyy ??? O.O
I duwana dieee !!!!