Saturday, June 20, 2009

Most Wanted Ruumate - Week 3

Task 3 -
Show us your mates, buddies, BFFs

This is kinda hard...
coz... I don't hv much friendss...
okk... maybe I should I say... I have friendss
but most of them are non- supportive type.. ={
( sad but true.... )

But LuCky Me !!
I love to take photos...
The creative me comes out with theseee~~

i) Friends (click for original)

This waterfall is at the Mainland.
Umm...called "Taman Hijau Hutan Lipur" ...
Sowee, I duno how to go...
I'm owiz a follower ~

ii) Me and My Bitches (click for original)

Don't have anything special for this Task.
I was supose to book them to took videos with me.
But.... haiz... ~

Nevermind, Life still goes on...
I still got my Assistant !!

Bubble and Sportsgal

I LOVE YOU ~ !!!

More video and photos at
Jing Jing's Ruumz Profile!!

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