Thursday, July 2, 2009

Most Wanted Ruumates - Task 4

This is Week 5 for MWR...
but there's a Task 4 to submit.... ={

Task 4 -
Show us your Idea of helping peoples.

( In Photos and Videos )

I do help peoples.... but...
Where la I go snap myself when I help T.T ~

This Task is kinda hard....

Finally, I come out with this.... weeeeeeee ~

i) Help MOTHER Earth (click for original)

Honestly I didn't help my mum doing that =_="
but I swear I didn't MESS the house like that....
( umm.... except the purpose for this video)

Mama even guide me how to MESS it up @@
aww.... I LOVE YOU MAMA ~

I'm actually blocking her to watch her fav show...
That's why the TV is still ON.... =_+

aww.... I LOVE YOU MAMA ~
( i always say this to melt her heart and it works !!! )

Next videos... I call up my gang ~
Together we go for a good deed !!! =D

ii) Tzu Chi Charity - 1 (click for original)

My family don't use to buy newspaper...
So... we are heading to Sharon's house to steal it.
I mean to get it.....

iii) Tzu Chi Charity - 2 (click for original)

I've never been here before....
This is a very good experience for me....

It's wow in the outside and even WOW in the inside.
It built like a building full with stories.
Surround by sincerity , willingness... blessing....
...and full understanding of what's Life is all about?
Do you really know the responsibility of human in Earth ??

A visit to Tzu Chi gives me alot knowledge about Life.
What you should, u will and what u can do ??

I google out this place.
Shock to know it's a charity house.
I passed by everyday when i work and know nothings about it.
So, I guess it is fate for me to complete my task there.
Now my wonder had an answer.... =}

More video and photos at
Jing Jing's Ruumz Profile!!


Theeggyolks said...

haha... watching niang jia while helping ur mama

Jing Jing said...

umm... err.. is it ??
hahahha, i dun even know what's movie is that ... @@

Simon Seow said...

Why just simply put the brooms outside one.