Saturday, June 13, 2009

Most Wanted Ruumates - Week 2

Task 2 -
Show Us Your Hidden Talent !!

awww... how easy.
I can smell they are goin to ask us to show sumtin....
and i'm rite..... weeeeeee ~

i) Glorified Moment - Karate (click for original)
a'rite... gonna show off this one!!!

umm.... hehehe, this video is actually taken
8 years ago... ( but who know?? I still look the same!! )
OKok , I know there's some I've to answer all the times.

Again I prepared my Q & A ( ai ceh.... )

Q1 - When and Where is this place ?
A1 - SUKMA 2002 at Sabah

Q2 - How long you learn Karate?
A2 - Since 13 yrs old.... umm 10 yrs ??

Q3 - What Belt ??
A3 - 3rd Dan... I knew U duno what's that .
It means I'm better than ordinary black...
It means I'm better than someone who is better than ordinary black
It means..... umm.... awww nevermind ( save some to brag nextime)

Q4 - You teach ??? You ???
A4 - YeSssssss , I am a SENIOR Intructor
and BOooo....I know I don't look like one ~

Q5 - Why Quit ??!!!
A5 - ( will tell u personally.... )

ii) Karate Talent (click for original)
a'rite .... I shouldn't show off the passed.
So, i decided to go dig my GI now!!!......
ahaaaa.... umm not bad huh ~
a'rite... not so good.... hmmmm
but haRloww.... I've retire for at least 5 years.....
I am not good but still not bad.... =}
( let me comfort myself la pweasssssee ......)

wow... i still looks good with my GI.... weeee ~
( gettings old but never grow... @@)

aha ... just nice.... ( wat wat wat !!! )

my partner for the day... Sharon @ Sporstgal

Discussing.... hey, later i throw u then u fall ok?
then u fly to the wall then spin like Chun Li ok ?

warm up ... waChaKK with a Side Kick ~

then comes with WaChakk Snap Kick ~

hell ya, she is needed to be my sandbag !!!
( soweee laaa !!! ~ )

HiaKKk... my famous Hook Kick ~
( I can slap anyting without my hand.. gRRrr )

={... a few poses for this and i pain for days...

I'll tell you if this WORTH !!

carry on with my next talent....
aha...... ~

iii) Two Handed Genius (click for original)

ohhh yea~
Is this me , Is this me ????
yes, babe.... =D !!!
Actually I think of this for a very last minute....
Thought of a simple explanation that I'm both handed.
But... I feel like a Zombie after work... ( just for that day la...)
Sumtin direct me to somewhr else instead home ( my stupid brain lor...)
I stop by the market.... ( scary.... huh )
Get TWO whiteboard pen.... ( oh my god... )
I paid RM6...!! ( this is normal... =_= )

There my assistant waiting for me =D ~
( the FOC Cameragirl ... weeee ~ )

And SO !! what happened????????????

( okay... lame story.... @@" )

Q & A ( yess yesss ~ )

Q1 - How you do that ??
A1 - With my hand ~~

Q2 - So use both brain then?
A2 - No, I draw with my hand.

Q3 - Can you draw with toe?
A3 - Did you see my toe in that video?

Q4 - Can you draw pokemon for me?
A4 - You are dealing with a money face... (nyek nyek~)

Q5 - Aww... I voted for you and say that to me???
A5 - OKOK , I DRAW FOR YOU !!!!!!!!

Anyone else there think my drawing is OK.
I say OK ar, I din say NICE.
You can PM (private msg) at...

Jing Jing's Ruumz Profile!!

yala, I will draw for you but...
if I find out you are NOT the one who voted for me....
You will see what happen in my drawing !!!!!!
gRrrRRRr ~~~~~

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