Monday, November 2, 2009

Ryejoe Ruumz Photo Contest 2009

arlow arlowww ~

I was actually feel so SOAY recently ~
Almost all the efforts I put in contest.... flying away T.T ~
Can't describe how terrible I feel but I learn a new word today....

" If you don't LOSE now , how will you appreciate your winning later ? "

^_^ ..... alrite , stop talking about me ~

There's some ONG ONG for you ... =D

ruumz is giving me this opportunity to say THANK YOU !!
Thank you for staying with ruumz and Thank you who supported me ^_^

There will be a contest running by me ....
But you have to make sure you are a member of ruumz ....

Sign up here ( if you're not a member yet !! )

Then join this group

What's next ??

Upload the FUNNIEST or SCARIEST photo of what you can do in your ruumz (room)

Giving out 50 free prints for the FIRST 10 submission.
* ONLY funny and scary arrr !!! (50 free prints x 10 winners)

Grand Prize 250 Free Prints x 2 for Creative Submission.

You got TWO choices for Creative Submission
1) Funniest
2) Scarriest

Contest duration
4th - 30th November 2009 11.59 pm

You can submit up to 100000000***** ...=__="
( Don't be so scary la weiiii !!! )

Winning Selection
Funny one.... as long as you can me laugh.... wahHAHAhhaahhaH... ^_^
Scary one... as long as u can scare me ...
YERRrRRRrrr !!! ahHHHh !!!! OMG !!! O.O

Simple right ??

Now.... go torture your camera...weeeee ~

oh ya... Don't worry....
FIRST 10 submission still can win the Grand Prize...

pssstt.... your room, tempat tidur ya.
dont go snap in ur bathroom, u dont sleep there right =__=" ~

gambate !!! semoga berjaya ~ ^_^
Sample :
Hungry ghost bitting a pillow, chewing those pillow like a buffalo!
aiyo... gimme some time to see what scary thing i can do...
* to be continue =__=

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