Monday, November 16, 2009

Buka Puasa Buka Oven

Won a Panasonic Oven from Ajinomoto Contest ~
and now is time to unwrap it for experiment....

I hate cooking , I HaTE CookINg, I HATE COOKING...
but... still OK la if to meSSss it up .... ^_^!

attaCking the CaRRot... GRrrRr !!

Mama wants to help...but I says...
ShoOO-ShOoo go away... I can do it !!

OMgGg... how to cut this thing ??
RawRRr... told ya, I HATE COokinG !!!

OoOOooo... slice it up and fried it.... woOOo ~

OhHH... is not hard... and now .... IT'S DONE !!!

Gonna Pose abit before I gets Mad again ^_^

haRlow caRrot... my Name is Parrot... =_="

This is da Thing I saPu and Plan to Cook =}

Introduction my Favorite Must-Room Soup!!

Extra ingredient is a MUST into my MUST-room soup! >={

Enhance the taste... OMG... my favorite, MY FAVORITE!!!

OKie... and now is time to settle this~~~ =__="

gRRrrRRRrRrrrrrrrr.... ~~~~~~
I hate reading, I HaTE ReaDing, I HATE READING!!

hoW la?? BODOH.... press what nehh!!! ~ =_+

Smart a*ss... finally figure it out !!! =___="

aiceHHh... ok laR... ok laRrr..... ~ Looks Good huh =}

Put some DECORATION and act like PRO 1st ~~ ^_^"

muaHHaaHaA.... Looks tasty huh? but NOT !!!... =_="
Keras and tasteless.... apa nie !!!

Ta--- daaa !!
That's how the whole set looks like !!!
But I guess you gets fool by it's cover... T.T ~

There.... I kidnap 2 white mouse for the
food experiment... ^_^"
Sila makan !!!

You are soOOo LUCKY baby !!!
I know u r pretending a YUMMY LOOK.
You idiOTttt.... finiSH it, I DUN CARE !!!!

That's my BUKA OVEN meal ^_^" ~

Sekian terima kasih.... weeee ~~~~~~~~
Guess I feel kinda Mou Liew to blog this =__=


keatloon said...

hehehehehe~~~ i eat till so big also dare not operate an microwave oven... usually let my sis help me set... maybe i watch too much oven + boom movie d...

Jing Jing said...

yayaya !! me too ~

But no choice, I dun hv a sister wf me T.T ~ and all my piggy also scare to be panggang babi...

So, I hv to be brave!!! >.<
I keep stand a distance coz I owiz imagine it will BOOM like TV too..

*shake hand shake hand ~

ladycooper said...

I normally use a microwave to heat up food only. haha. :)

Jing Jing said...

ladycooper, i dun even know how to heat up food. u see, im an idiot ~~~~ T.T

KimYeap said...

hey Racheal. wat u hate is wat i cooking & reading. kakakakak.ka. but ur cooking seem not too bad ya. maybe next time if nobody me ready to be ur "guinea pig" =)

Jing Jing said...

Then we exchange. U do the reading n cooking. Ngo sit dai di... i do the eating. Washing also Mou Man thai... weeee xD