Thursday, February 5, 2009

Prize for February 2009

Wait for 6 days already.... Kinda sad, no prize for February 2009 yet??

Aha, once I get back home. I got my first prize for February =} ...

Ajinomoto Intro Friend Contest
1) A set of Container
it look so cute! complete and convenient to bring everywhere... Norton Contest
1) Norton Internet Security 2009
sooo...happy ~ Always need a Norton antivirus to give my computer a bath!
is time to send their whole family (virus) to graveyard!! grrRRrr....


Cathaycineplex Movie Contest
1) Cicakman Merchandize
=.="... participated for fun.... err... I must keep the ONG coming by
wining this and that. Yea...I'm very Superstitious ~ =]
maybe thats the KEY to win. BEING SUPERSTITIOUS !! ~

Hmmphmm.... colouring book~
aha, can let my nephew & niece to conteng - conteng =} ~
awww... just notice the Ciciakkkman Soundtrack cost RM29.90 !!
wow... must have those hypnotiz frequency and give you ability
to glue yourself at the wall.... ~

Infoyana Valentine Contest
1) Bouquet of Roses
One for mama and one for sister =} ...
My mum was shock... flower for me ???

they wrap it just nice, out of expectation =} ~
Roses still got stardust to make it blink-blink =D ~

TV9 Contest
1) Cartoon Drama ?
eRrr... not so sure what is this xD ~ Any fans out there know
what cartoon is this ???? cost RM39.90... aha, plan to sell it off xD ~
welcome interested buyer....=}
2) Bleach DVD
eRrrr... no idea again... hahahhhhaaa ~

this one also cost RM16.90.... =.=" ~

aHHh !!! this one i know xD ~
wow....wooo... this one cost RM99.90 !!!
but I'm going to sell off as well... $.$ ~

4) The Day The Earth Stood Still watch
ehh... just simple and nice... but...
I think I'm too old for this... So, goes to my nephew ~

5) The Day The Earth Stood Still Baby T
i love this shirt , the wording just nice and comfortable=}

6) TV9 Shirt
Thick, consider a good quality shirt among those shirt I won =}

7) Cap, notebook and car sticker
hmm.... i think my wardrobe now full with caps and notebooks already~

Alrite !! End report ~ As long as there's winning, I'm satisfied =} ~
Let's see what is on their way to me for the next 14 days....


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