Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Prize End of February 2009

Aha ~ I thought it got lost somewhere in the map again.
Finally her twin sister arrive =}

Samsungplay Contest
1) DVD player F1080
yep...she won't feel bored being alone anymore...

check check check !! Everything completed...
Welcome interested buyer =D !!!

and the next day.... Their mother arrive =D ~

2) Samsung DVD BD-P1500
....from the same family... silky shining black ~

yesss... USB port again !! I just loveeee it ~

gonna google and see how much it worth anddd.... SELL !!!
Welcome interested buyer!!

Dreamgirl E-Blast contest
1) Marie France Voucher
awww... im aiming to get the cosmectic ={ .... ~

well.... i think my sister need it more than i do ~
so this one goes to the chubby sis... xD ~

GSC Fun-Tee Contest
1) Bolt T-Shirt
i ask for S but only left M.... haiz ~

Goda Contest
1) Clear Shampoo
been waiting for so long already... but it came 3 bottles instead 5... ={


* SECRET Contest
due to some loser keep set me up....
I force to keep quiet in which contest I'm taking part... =}
1) Nokia 5220 XpressMusic ~ I have to tell you, this HP's music is so LOUD!

somemore got disco blinking light....
Best part is sooo thin and light =} ~

simple and nice, this one goes to my mum =} ~

Mysimplified Classified Contest
1) PenDrive 16gb

very usefullll , always wanted to buy one xD....
so happy with this small winning !! ~

hardly express.... is soOoo happy to win someting i want... xD~

coz... now I can enjoy my movie with my mum in the dining room !!!
so easy... sekali cucuk at her arse*hole (i mean my lcd la...)
then can watch already xD ~

eoe Christmas 2008 Contest
1) RM200 Voucher
so again I buy something I wan xD....
you see, they always arrange it nicely , EVERYTIME !!!
very fast, very effiecient, very friendly.... xD

yup... hehe, this is 2nd piggy frame I've bought from them =}
... then 4gb MicroSD card for my camera =} ....


Hmmm... looks like thats all I got for February =} ~
Kinda tired for the moment to battle .....
Will be going down to Kuala Lumpur in the Mid of March...
Yup... another journey to go grab my prizes =]

Hopefully I can squeeze in more prizes before I'm going KL =D ~
Wondering what I've won ?? OMG !!! I also can't wait to collect it x{ ~

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