Saturday, May 21, 2011

Rev-Cup : Battle Of The States Contest - Week 4 Urban Surfing

Rev-Cup : Battle Of The States Contest

Week 4 - Urban Surfing
Challenge continued after I been rolled on the floor for 2 weeks.
You can still check it out my floor-master skills here.

New theme for the week.
Urban Surfing - imagine you are surfing IN the town ON something.

Practice makes perfect,
So, I start from home ~~

Maybe... mum's tool could help....
but not!
Maybe....on the iron board ?
Boringgggggggggggg ~~~~ !

How bout a real surffffff ~~~~ woooHOoo !!
Well , not as fun as I thought ......
So, I went outdoor...
to freak some people ~~~~

and more peoplessss....
No "S" , i know... but I syokSsssssssss ~~~~
Then... I rush in the complex !!!
Steal their trolley, and surf for a few rounds.
The guard kick me out ~~~~~
Noh Problemo... 
I play outside then !!

I walk further to advance my move !

Go higher...
creating gifs

and higherr ~~~

and higherrRRrrRRr.....grRRRrrr !!!

I am not satisfied !
Then I heard the voice from CHAN BROTHERS !!
He said .... Come to me, Come to me ~~~
and all of sudden, I end up there @@

His editing skills turned me to....

OK, done for the Urban Surfing ~
I went home with my bone cracked.
I glued em back to fight for the last week theme!
You will know soon.... T.T ~

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Special Thanks to
Chan Brothers Car Medic Centre
for offering me his playground ^^

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