Saturday, May 14, 2011

Rev-Cup : Battle Of The States Contest - Week 3 Floor Pose

Rev-Cup : Battle Of The States Contest
Week 3 - Floor Pose

Ohh Ohh ohhhhHH maiii GosHhhhhh
Aren't I've did that last week ????
how laaa.... how laaa... T.T ~~~

With no idea in my brain,
I dig out my niece's photo and give a shot !
ho ho ho ....and I get ZERO Point !!! T.T ~~

Then I persuade my sis who's sleeping....
C'mon I'll turn you into a queen ~~~
Ladies and gentleman.... Lion Queen !!!!

pweasee pwease, just turn over....
I pormizz I'll decorate yew creatively this time ~
A creative Ninja Turtle ~~~~~ See, told ya!!

Alrite alrite...
don't think my elephant sis can do anything better ==||

Just hand some chocolate to the kids
and they'll do the job ~~~~~~~
MuahAHHahAHhaaaa !!!

okiee okiee... I know I cannot be lazy T.T ~
Went to my studio and pose a little.
Haha, first floor pose by mirror effect.
ONE Point !!!

hiaKKkkk ~ Warm up first before start the war!!

opss... don't worry. U got me baby ~~

wOOoshh wOOoshh....
Kungfu waitress on training !!!

This isn't a supermaid got talent but
a supermaid got balance.....

The legendary ironman ~

Soccer Head !! Gooooooallllll ~~~~

C'mon ~~ Soccer head is too ordinary!
Okiee... how bout............
Kungfu Soccer lompat dengan tangan!!!

errrr.... I think this is.....
ela ela eh eh...
under my umbrella ~~~

Berhati berhati di jalan raya.... =_=||

Well, I'm quite tired and bored doing the
same thing for 2 weeks !! T.T

So, I decided to get some props to make it
more interesting......

Keep trying to deliver the best....

I always wanted to be a mermaid.....

Alright, I'll fully use this week's theme
to fulfill my childhood's dream....

Mermaid mermaid, my dream came true ~~
Alright, I know this isn't a sexy one..... T.T

I always wanted to learn spell....
Jimo jimo kumo kumo bomo bomo...
Whatever.... I just wanna fly on anything ~

I wanna be a warrior too.
Kill the villains and hunt for the mystery!!
hiakk hiakkk baka baka musakaaaa!!

I wanna swing like a tarzannnn !!
Ohh eee oOOo eeee OOoo ~~~

oh well, this is not one of my dream.
Just wanna loop in my niece for fun =p

yea , let's continue.....
I wanted to fly with balloon ~~~~~

Adventure in the sea .........

Dive beneath and hunt for treasure !!!

and ofcozz.... Money fall from the sky !!
Guess this is everybody's dream ~~~ weeee xD

oh eRrrr... this is not my dream >.<||
My brain can't think of something,
I just squeezed in anything ^^

And new ideas keep coming............
Then I rushed out and bought packets of pen!!

yea.... seriously I'm very tired =(

But I stick to my principle.
Do my best or don't do at all.......

Ran to da shoe rack and stole mama's shoe!

then ACTION !!!
yamota, yamata, kuru kuru NINJA !!!

and this is not NINJA .
This is..... NINJING !!!!!

Ok, slowly I feel energetic ~~~~~

waaa cHHhaaaaa ~~~
never underestimate the power of NinJing!!

Ninjing iron head ~~
Now you know what caused my brain malfunctioned.

I spent much time on drawing....
and I'll suicide if I don't get full point !!
oh choy , siao mehhhhh~~!!!!

Well, I'm not delicious .
Don't think about it !

When Ikan Bakar extinct ,
We should try Kasut Bakar ~~~~

Thought this only happens in cartoon.
And now I'm the cartoon.....

Feel to do some 3D effect but failed =(

Try something artistic... ^^

Okie, I can't tahan anymore.
Draw n rub, draw n rub, draw n rub!!!....
fuaHHHhhhhh can dieeeee ~~ T.T ~~~

Back to my room for a rest.....
Grab some biscuit and laid down for a pose @@||

Feel to give in somemore to score moreeee point ~~
Aerobatic dalam bilik !

Sometimes I feel I'm kinda overdo.
This simple pose score FIVE Points .
OMG !!! * faint *

weeee , this pose cool isn't it ???
U jump I jump ....wooo hoooo ~~~~

I'm seriously K.O for this week.
So, I did no video but spent my whole Sunday sleeping.

wooOOkiee. Done for this week's theme : Floor Pose.
There's more silly photos at Revive Rev Cup Gallery

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milkdawg44 said...

this is awesome, you should check mine out

priyagung said...
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Miss Sunshine Kelly said...

omg these pic r creative n awesome babe... added u in my blog ;p

Jing Jing said...

Ehh, u so free so read my blog. Haha, okie ... sank yew baby!

Eric Lee said... long does this take? i hate to be in a creativity contest with you for blogging..hahaha please don't join any that I joined..i will send hate mails..LOL jk

i like the creativity in it..may be you should be working in events line..

Gerry said...

Ur very very talented Rye. :)

Gift-2-U said...

nice post!!! like your ideas! : )

Jing Jing said...

omg. I didnt kno i got visitors dropping comments here O.O

@Eric,haha. There's lot blogging contest out there n i don't win every time i joined. dont hate me!

@Gerry, sank yew. Hope i can do more ^^

@Gift-2-U , thanks n sank yew 4 dropping by =D