Sunday, May 8, 2011

Rev-Cup : Battle Of The States Contest - Week 1 Power Slide

Revive is giving away RM 40,000 cash in total !!
Where where ????

Rev-Cup : Battle of states Contest by REVIVE

This contest is running at Revive's FanPage from
25 April 2011 to 5 June 2011, 3pm ~~

Weekly prize of RM1,000 and Grand Prize RM5,000
for photo category.
The Best Video for overall with bring home RM5,000 too.
There is also a RM3,000 x 8 Winners for a special reward category!!

How to play one ar ?????
Well, Revive will give you a mission.
To submit a photo according to the weekly theme!

If you cincai-cincai submit a photo...
Then sorry larrr.... ZERO !!
If you submit something normal follow the weekly theme.
Alright... you get ONE point .
If you go ReVVvv UP your photo follow the weekly theme.
woOOhOOoo..... FIVE points for yewww ~~~~~

Okayyy ~~ Count me in !!!
Week 1 Theme : Power Slide

Just follow the sample from Revive ~
Slidee..... weee heeee ~ left right left right ~

Slideeee.... ~~~~
The more ReVvv Up the better !!

ReVvVVv UP sliding in the park .
BLUE CARD ... 5 points !!

I even kidnap my niece to slide.
This is a very powderful Horse-slide soccer !!! ==|||

Boring ???
Then go Khi SiaOOo and slide up in the aiRrRR ~~!
Blue Card 5 Points for Crazy Nurse !!!

A normal kang-kang and terbalik submission.
ZERO !!!! ~~ T.T

I even submitted my Power Slide video ~~
I rushed this out in 2 hours before the weekly submission ended.
Then found out, you could actually submit anytime for video categories.

ya da, ya da.... I also don't know apa video ini.... >.< ||
I will work harder next time. I poRRrr-miZZzzz ~~~~

And I also come out with the making of my Power Slide ~~
No idea why I wanna do this......
Just want to keep it as memory for my first time to rushed up
a video and.......... get ang pow ~~~~ ==||

Alright. Mission Accomplished ~

And I lose for week 1 .... T.T ~

The state which got the most point in the end of the contest.
They will get a REV-CUP Trophy and special invite to Rev-up Partayy!!

C'mon Penangites , WHERE ARE YEWW ?
We kalah teruk man ~~~~~

Nevermind.... There's SIX (6) weeks to go !!
So, if you are interested to battle with me....
Come !!! Go to : Revive Facebook FanPage

Let's go tendang sama mereka....
Penang Penang go go go , yeaa haaa ~~!!!



huey said...

haha... the nurse expression is funny!

Jing Jing said...

ya...a crazy guitar playing nurse!