Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Rev-Cup : Battle Of The States Contest - Week 2 Levitating

Rev-Cup : Battle Of The States Contest
Week 2 - Levitating

Owh... this one looks a lot easier than the first theme.
Jumping nia ma.... sap sap sui la ~~~

Start jumping around da house.
Normal jumping one point, even with props.....

Trying to jump like a Charlie Chaplin...
Also one point.... ==

Trying to jump with a lil cute face.
Also One point........ zZzzZZzzzz

Trying to look like floating.
5 points . Ai sehh, now you see the different??

Go Rev UP at belakang rumah orang....
One point for making myself looks like a kangaroo >.<

Mou tuin tuin go sidekick to the fire hydrant ... One point ^^

Go to the van and say hello to Mr. Handsome.
One point..... @@

Well, is NOT RevVvv UP enough JING JING !!
You have to go all out m'dear ~~~~

Okayyy OkayYYyyy ~ I pergi sekarang ~~ &#$^&#$
hiakkKKkk.... kang kang levitate !! One point T.T

Spiderman oh Spiderman ~~~ no point ~~ >.<

Namo namo namo amitabha ~~ One point ^^v

yeeba yeeba... aribaaaa ~~~~ !!! 5 points !!!!

abukennn.... tek tek tek tek bOOOo Ken !!!!!!
ken ken ken until so hard only one point ~~~~~ wooff wooff!!!

Ting ting ting... Ice cream satu batang satu sen ~~
woOO hOOooo.... 5 points !!!

If keep jump like that , I'll go home with a broken leg T.T ~~
My thinking cap's blinking and it tells me.....

Bodoh, you just need to look like floating nia ma.
Why jump so hard ???

Start my mission....
Get ready to reVVvvv UP ~~!!!

Sorry, epic failed.
You r not suppose to be so happy when yew broke your leg m'dear!

Anyway, action ....
I'm floating , I'm floating ~~~~ ^^

....uhuh , I might look stupid but I delivered awesome thing!!

Yew seee... I look awesome , kan ? kan kan ?? T.T

woOOo HoOOoo.... reVVv UP !!

Damn, it wasn't as easy as I thought...
Back bone so pain.... but I carry on with some exercise...
one- two, one- two, one- two ~~~~

and continued...... it looks so easy huh.... so steady ==

tidur dengan nyenyak ~~
but nobody how tiring is this position... OMG !!!!

Yellow, i wanna speak with JINGLE BELL !!!

Kidnapped my niece, so that I can rest a while ^^

and continue my own work... T.T ~

yeee hOOoo......
I'm Marybell I'm your maid of the day ~~

Yak Chiu everyone!!

I believe I can fly ~~~~

No idea ...
Pok kai with the bicycle........

ohhhh my loveee... my revive ~~~

The legendary flying Indiana Jing !

Lastly the most fake yet so real....
Jing Jing the B-girl ~~~~

weeee ~ And I won the weekly Prize ^^
I even squeezed in another video for Levitating...

wooOOkiee. Done for this week's theme : Levitating.
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huey said...

wow... very creative!

Jing Jing said...

^^v Thanks....