Thursday, May 5, 2011

I love doctorjob Contest - Fishy Contest

This contest was earlier based on vote.
After receiving complaints from some birdee.

Doctorjob decided to make it solely based on creativity!!

I was so excited and start thinking of the idea.
Plagiarists are everywhere ~~
So I blog it out first HERE and save the best for last ^^v

In the midst of the contest.
One cute drawing submission was up.
The design and colour was in fact so match up with Doctorjob's design.

Is this a drawing contest or a photo contest ????

I'm feeling fishy.
Should I go ahead with my photo or go rock with my pencil ??

I can draw too, no problem baby!

hiaKkkk ~
Pinky super jing !! Not cute?

pOOkka dot Dinosaur ? Plagiarist huh ?

Nevermind, I go with Pinky Love-ka dot then ! No?

Love the nature! Flower design ~~ Lame?

yee haAAAaa ~ Harry Potter's sister from Hogwarts !!!

Alright , forget about it.
I'll just go ahead with my photo submission then ~

Start my mission to pose ~
Depan belakang depan belakang

Buka tutup buka tutup ~

then prepare my mini jing...

I did NOT photoshop it !!! arGGhhhh ~~ *@#$$#&*&

Place them in order.....

And ta da ~~~~
I'll just go ahead with this !!

And the cutie submission is not tagged
even after the contest end ~~~ Owhh ??

and Doctorjob love it so much until he feel
this submission is sooooooooooooooooo cute!! ^^

The result was suppose to be announce on Thursday
but they delay it until Friday !! awww... alrite =)

Then the cutie submission finally tagged !! O.O

with a dummy account .... ZzZzZzz ~~ #$#($&$#&#$ !!!

Weiiii, jing jing ~~
Lost liao please don't so NOT SPORTING lor !!

Looks dummy to me ~~~

yea, I'm an almighty god who can read the future.
Able to publish this blog right after the result was out.
wow... can't believe I'm fast !!! xD ~

Why not ? This is too obvious ~~ aRghHHh !!!
I'm angry, seriously I AM.

However, lose mean lose. I'm a loser then.

My principal


I won myself an Ipod Shuffle with 2 movie tickets.

Thanks Doctorjob ~!!!

* end of an EMO stupid investigation Story *

oh ya, they drag my prize delivery from month to another because
they are angry with my complain. hmm....


Kelly said...

You worked so hard and you received something which is unfair... What a waste of time! You should win because you're damn creative and put lots of effort!

Jing Jing said...

Well, life is like that. Even an Olympic champion can't win forever. Just take it and carry on =]

Anonymous said...

Hi Rachel,
When u win too much or too many times a few things happen
1. you make enemies without u knowing
2. your friends will turn on you silently
3. you start thinking that your effort is better than others and u have not been rewarded or treated fairly
When no.3 happens,it's time to take a step back and reflect cos sometimes contests r judged and winners win cos their luck is higher.
It just happens.
(btw i am not siding with the sammy girl ok? i think she just got lucky)

Jing Jing said...

Hi Anonymous...

1. This is normal. Haters hate you when they can't be/get something like you.

2. Those friend who turn me silently isn't call friend.

3. Step bck? Stop working? Will U? Hw much do u kno about me? Yes, sometimes is by luck if it's a lucky draw. Sometimes is human action, if I work 4them I will let Sammy win too. She's a form 5 student surround with all ppls who will go for Doctorjob.

By the way, I hate anonymous. Pls put up a name next time =) ...

*JacQueliNe* said...

Aww this is damn creative :D

Anonymous said...

u got drive.that's good but don't let your ambition kill you the nice person that u really are.
u let all those nasty people in this contest arena get to u in my opinion.
then u start becoming someone like vic,bitching over not winning a ten ringgit prize.know what I mean?

not asking u 2 step back/down.
asking u 2 look at your own self as if u r a stranger looking at your own self n u evaluate yourself from outside looking in.

staying anonymous if u don't mind.

Aizat Nokia C3 said...

I just wonder that sometimes I should look who is organizing the contest. And i can make 2 conclusion

1. big company organizing big contest and they really want to give u prizes.

2. not so big company or individual who organize a contest just to make them look good and the winner is someone they know or one of them.

rachel, u will always be my sifu/idol in contest

Jing Jing said...


Yes,I think I got what U mean. I admit I'm EMO. I only BISING once a full moon when I felt that organizer is letting insider to win. It only happen once a million contest where I lost n I blog out dissatisfaction.

Ya, I kno how ppl look at me. Some good some bad. I take both n carry on. Thanks for dropping by =)

Jing Jing said...

Hi Aizat =D

How r u my king !! haha ~
Yes, you should. Else all effort goes down to the drain xD...

Good Luck in winning!!
OnGGggg aRRrr * HUG *

Aizat Nokia C3 said...

waaaahh still remember me.. good2..
i am good n having a lot of fun participating in contest. from my previous comment I think u deserve to win but maybe they have their own criteria for selection of the winner. but heavy editing(like the grand prize winner) is not photo contest its graphic design contest. LOL i wanna learn more about video editing later. hihi
btw.good luck too Jing Jing.. Onnnggg!!!

Jing Jing said...

ofcoz i do ^^v and Thanks ~~~

Yea,is sad when they stated photo contest but they picked a drawing or a graphic design picture as winner.

Wow,sounds like winning big.Hope we dun meet in the same contest. haha!
All the best 2U and ONG ONG ONG!!!

hapi said...

Hi Jing Jing, Nice blog! How to add the Glitter Effect Mouse Pointer to your Blog

Aizat Nokia C3 said...

nah! just to acquire new knowledge. might be useful in the future. of cos for video contest.
if we meet in the same contest surely i lose because you are the sifu... so i need to go find another.. hehe

Jing Jing said...


Nonsense la yeww !!!
Siapa cekap dia dapat....

Unsatisfied with Ambi Pur Malaysia Contest "Honey my car smells sexy because" said...

Indeed fishy.. Honest, u did an awesome job with ur entry. It was very creative and original. The winner did not deserve to win. Tak cute pun. Well.. Ive learned my lesson after a contest i joined and after reading this which is never to join any contest anymore. Contestants ends up giving free publicity. In fact when we bloged bout it, we're also still giving free publicity. Any publicity is good publicity. Sorry for our wasted time effort and money