Sunday, February 27, 2011

A&W Feed The Bear Contest 2011 (2)

Ho ho Ho ~~
Is time for our A&W Feed The Bear Contest !!
Don't get shocked on why I blog it again and again...

All of sudden I feel to eat A & W again...
Since I'm going to visit that Baby Bear again.
Why not I feed him again ~~ ^^v

My first submission I feel it's a bit too normal...
>> A&W Feed the Bear 1st Submission <<

SoOOoo... I'm going for something more outstanding !!!

Again with my Mini Jing Jing ~~~

My weekend is a mess T.T ~~~

This time, I'm going to control over My Mini Robot Jing ~

Set from below...
Cannon my burger up for Baby bear ~~

Hook burger for Baby Bear from above ~~

Climb up from ladder ~

alright, I've set up everything ~~~

Lastly, gonna fly over my Pilot Jing !!

jeng jeng jeng... Kapal Kawalan berfungsi Dekat !!

wah... don't you crash my baby bear lor !!

Warm up first....
weeeeeee ..... phewww ~ PhewWWwww ~~~~

Abang behind me seems full of question ~

Kakak behind me also scared of me.....

But I'm thick face enough...
I continue to weee ... phewww~~ PhewWWw ~~~

pheww ~ until their Makcik come out as well .... >.<||

Rehearsal until I got hungry T.T ~~~

Quickly readjusted everything then I could eat already ~~

Trying to aAAaa here and AAaaaaa there ~~~

Alright... I think this AAaaaa is da besttt !!

Mission completed !
Finally I can sit down enjoy my meal ~
weeiiii... I'm not ready la ~~ !!
#$&$(#&$&$(#$^#$^$ ~~~

Okay, I'm ready now ^^v

So, this is how I passed my Lazy Sunday.
Hopefully my originality and creativity amazed
their bearsSSss ~~~ ^^v

oh ya....and...and by the way...
Photo editing is allowed.....
You can just go bombastic with it....
but I still prefer originality... ^^v

hiakKKkk.... hiaKKkk ~~

meow ~~~~~

* keep fingers and toes crossed *

Do wish me ONG ah ONG !!
If you are joining as well.
I wish you ONG ah ONG too ~~ ^^v!!!


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