Sunday, February 20, 2011

A&W Feed The Bear Contest 2011

A&W Malaysia is back with surprise !

They are organizing this
A&W Feed The Bear Contest

All you have to do is to FEED their A&W Bear at their outlet.
If you failed to catch their Mascot. Then just kidnap any bear.
Plastic Bear, Furry Bear, Paper Bear ~
As long as it's A&W Bear and Feed him creatively ~~!!!

Feed Creatively and post at A&W Malaysia Fanpage's wall!
You might wall away with an iPad ~~~~

After knowing this surprise from A&W Malaysia .
I'm heading to A&W outlet at Gurney Plaza ~~

I only found their baby Mascot but is okay ~

Stood there & Tango around with Baby Mascot.

Bought my meal and ready to feed my baby!

My adviser said...
Feeding the Bear with both Coney Dogs & Burgers
will be a good idea!

Alright... I take her advise.
Let me prepare him my milk ~
eerrr... i mean my meal !

Giant Baby Bottle and plenty of Coney Dogs & Burgers,
Going to feed him right like his mother!

Let mummy make sure your meal won't burns your lips

alright.... ang ku ku ~~
Sloww sloww......

Good boy !! Mama luvvv ya ~!!!

OuCChhh.... bad boy, bad bad !!
Stop hitting my head ~~~~~~

and everyone's wondering what I'm doing T.T ~~

And this is my submission
Found this Baby Bear and not his mum,
With Love and Kisses I rested him in my arm,
Prepared him thousands of Coney Dogs & Burgers,
Feed him right with care like his mother!

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After feeding him, I feel hungry as well >.<

I request for an ice-cream top up after tango-ing
with Baby Bear. So, I get to enjoy it after
the photo section. A&W Malaysia so good !!!

I even found this Giant Burgers when I'm about to go.
I'm try hard to kidnap but I failed T.T ~

Trying to carry this Root Beer home too!!
I can drink for months !!! and I failed again T.T ~

Why I didn't think of to bring along Big Axe or Hammer!
Nevermind, I'll come again !!!

and hey, Why don't you join along =D ~

For more information about this contest
Go to : A&W Malaysia Facebook FanPage

Good Luck !!
Let's keep our fingers and toes crossed ^^v



Jasmine said...

I think your entry is the best, most creative and interesting! This is a sure-win entry! Hohoho...

Jing Jing said...

Haha, Thank you Jasmine!!
The rest is not bad too. So, I think I'll resubmit a better one. Why dont you join too!!!!