Wednesday, February 16, 2011

AXE Most Wanted Contest 2011

AXE Malaysia, the world’s most popular male grooming brand
is organizing this AXE Most Wanted Contest

Where you need to surrender yourself to this pretties.

Confess yourself and if you plead guilty.
You will be punished to received their....

Grand Prize :
Go in and out ZOUK as you wish for a year!

Consolation Prizes :
iPhone4 x 9 !!!!

OMGGGG..... ~~
They make me feel so nasty now.
I decided to upload my Sexy MUG SHOT and
confess creatively !!!

The voting pages is not fixed.
It keeps increasing but you can use their "Search Feature".
Type on Rachel Beh and punish her with your vote !!!! ~~

I see no policeman but only sexy police girl.
Guess they'll be busy arresting the guy and left me out T.T ~

So, I need to arrest myself * buat lawak * =__=||

Gotta put on my uniform...
Dig out my Made in China's gun !!!

Think for a few days...
Should I arrest myself ??
It sounds funny.... u know... ==||

But don't care la ~~
As long as I'm honest....
I memang ada sexy MOLE & HAIRY ~ ^^|||

Decision is final !
Get up and start my mission ~~~
Police Jing : Freeze Rachel Beh the Bear , Freeze !! ~

Rachel Beh :
awwww.... yew wanna arrest me huh ???

OhHHhh... I'm so skeddddd ~~~ ==|||

By the way....
Is this call split personality ??
Nemind.... continue to arrest myself first !

Police Jing :
YeahHhh.... Freeze !
I said Freeze , stop moving you stupid.
I'll shooottt you with my Made in China's gun !

Rachel Beh :
Whatttt ??? Don't use China Gun in Malaysia !!

you really really wanna arrest me meh??
* show pity face *

Struggling sexily ............ ==|||
(Frankly, inside my heart, I feel to slap myself)

hiakKkkk... I love to be handcuffed but not !

Looks like our Police Jing has difficulty to
catch this Nasty Rachel Beh ~~

Rachel Beh being "lansi-ing" around !!
Catch me la, Catch me la ~~

She's challenging The AXE Police Force !
How daringgg ~~~ grRrrrr wofff woffff

Police Jing need your cooperation to vote
and arrest Rachel Beh at

Steps to arrest(vote) Rachel Beh :
1) Like AXE Malaysia FanPage
2) Go to AXE Wanted Application
3) Under MUG SHOTS upper right
4) Search Rachel Beh (Sexy black and white photo)
5) Vote for it ~~~~ and Done !!

Make sure Rachel Beh gets caught like this !!

If you think you are as Nasty as Rachel Beh.
Confess yourself !!!!
More information at :
AXE Malaysia FanPage

Contest deadline will be on 20th of March 2011.
Top 10 finalist will be based on
a) Voting 45%
b) Judging 55%

Ping me if you're joining.
I'll vote for yeww and you vote for me.
And we both go home with an iphone4 !!
woOOoohOOoooo * dreaming mode *

* stay tuned...
I'll post up my making for all this silly photos.
My cameraman had a tough time capturing me who
laugh all the times.... ^^|||

sowee laRRrr, no acting skill ma ~~~~~~

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