Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Nokia Socialista Winners - Malaysia

It is so tough but....
do not underestimate the power of Social Network.

Remember the Nokia Socialista Contest I joined months ago?
Previous entry: Nokia Socialista Contest

It's a tough fight between the Princes and Princesses!
But this contest brought up a lot attention...
Helping my Facebook and Twitter friends increase a lot too !

As usual, I'll go noisy around to trawl my votes.
Spam kaw-kaw everywhere possible T.T ~~

My heart stopped each time refreshed this page after contest ended.
awww.... feel nice seeing my pig-pig face there ^^v
* Kalau tak menang pun rasa seronok~!

Tik tok tik tok....
hours after by hours.
Days after by days.

Finally the Winner's Page was up !
I laughed and fainted on the spot again ~~~~~

Nokia was so efficient... news started buzzing in Twitter ^^

I was invited to interview at 8TV Quickie but
too bad I couldn't make it .....=(

My prize finally reached mt door step and...
I'll be using that Lovely Pinky ^^

Nokia C3 is specially designed for those Social Network addictor.

You can directly update all your status in FB & Twitter.
You can see your own FB profile on its screen too.

Got WiFi and Camera.
Can direct syok sendiri n upload on FB
Powderful gadget to torture your buddies ~~~ >.<||

As usual... she's proudly holding her prizes.
* Beh Tahan, not that you've won 3 cars !

CongratzzZZz ~~
Next time please edit those hairs on
your hand as well la miss.....

I also received another Celcom Starter Pack ;)

RM100 Starbucks Voucher.

And finally my check arrived too ^^v

Not forgetting those who helped me.
They've been liking my post EVERYDAY since
I'm started fighting to be the Princess.

A little appreciation from me ;)
Please don't mind my cheap-cheap TQ gifts ~~~
Jing Jing say Tank Chiu

I'm trying to get some movie vouchers soon.
Do aware my Ryejoe FanPage and grab from me ya!

Love yew guys ~~ muaKKkks ~~!!!

Thanks Nokia FanPage!
Thanks JWT Agency!
Thanks 8TV!



Heyvonne said...

I thought you are selling the Nokia c3 pink one, no?

Jing Jing said...

yup ;)