Sunday, February 13, 2011

Energizer Energize Me Contest Winners

I'm back and I'm not eating any banana ~~

Still remember the Energizer Energize Me contest?
Jing Jing's Entry : Energizer Energize Me Contest

Thanks God I managed to squeeze in the Top 10!

But Energizer is kind enough to increase
The Finalist up to 15 peoples !! ^^

Congratulations to the 15 Finalist
1) Nicky Kuan
2) Wayyne Ong
3) Rachel Beh Jing Jing
4) Wilson Wee
5) Alejandro Bravazo
6) Henry Lau
7) Muhyiddin Yaarop
8) Azwan Azri
9) I'm Evo
10) Prince Ken
11) Chew Yee Seng
12) Sky Cheng Poh Hong
13) Teh Ivan
14) Cecilia Yeoh
15) Alexander Jun

The winners announcement took place at Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur
together with the Energizer Night Strike event on 21-23 January 2011.

Sending my friend Kel-Kel over to represent me and I've been praying to
my Ah Gong my GrandParent my Great GrandParent & their Parents ~~

Mumbling my spell again from morning to night
Ah Gong Ah Gong I want that Ipad,
Please make it happen and fall on my laps ~!!!

Because KL suddenly rained like cats and dogs.
Announcement had to be delayed until 12am ~
Pity Kel-Kel who camping there for few hours... sowee la !!!

A sudden SMS received from my pityful friend......
I'm the GRAND PRIZE WINNER ~~!!!!!

OMG, I'm so happy until can't sleep at 12am ~~!!!!
8&^*#^*$#*)(@#*$@#$&$#&@$^#^$123123 ~

Thanks Energizer for organizing this contest
Thanks Josh Lim who informed me about this contest
Thanks Kel-Kel for the trouble
Thank YOU who voted and supported me ^^v !!!


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