Friday, December 17, 2010

Energizer Energize Me Contest

Energizer is organizing this
"Energize Me" Contest at Facebook.

The prizes are very tempting neh ~~

1st prize : 1X Apple iPad (1 winner)
2nd prize: 2X Canon Powershot cameras (2 winners)
3rd prize : 5X Energizer 1 hour fast charger. (5 winners)

This time it's not based on 50% Votes 50% Creativity.
You have to squeeze yourself into the Top 10 .
And judges will pick the best among the Top 10.

So, if I get out from the Top 10.
I'm not going to eat banana but bananasssSSs ~~~~~~ T.T

Again my style, don't prefer to edit....
Kidnap my cameraman and start to work!

Been crawling around like a dog... =_=||
wooofff woFFf.... grrr RRRrr ~

and damn itu cameraman....
made me bark and made me laugh~ !

from the floor up to the chair....

Being doing all kind of weird poses
....and yawning like a bear.
It required skill too ok.... >.<

oooiiiii , not funny lor weeiiii !!!

Start processing my mini jing jing...

going to cut out the energizer man too ~

ouuCHhh ouChhh... my hand , my hand ~~~~~

arlow arlow... what's the time now ??

Run ~ RunNNn ~ Runnnn for ya life ~!!!!
kik kok kik kok kik kok ~~~

yESshh YesHHh... woOOshhh woShhh ~
Macarena macarena , Macarena !!!

hiaKKkk... wong fei hong ~ !!!~~
and finally all my crazy daughters are born...

I submitted this one at first...
Then I realized it doesn't suit the theme
Look like tired dead like that :(
Failed ~~!! REDO REDO !!!!!! arGGhhh *$#&*^*$&*$$

So, I decided to re-submit a more funky funka gila gila one.
All kind of Kung Fool Panda Brada and Sista pun masuk ~!!

then... i feel without editing abit really tak ada power wor.
Missing some energy leh.... haiZzzzz....

My editing skill ma ma tei only lor.... T.T
And luckily touch here and there abit,
result not bad wor.... ^^||

Ta da ~~~ > click to VOTE for Jing Jing <

Ohkay.... I've done my job here.
Really hope yew guys will support me ~~~

Steps :
1) Join Energizer Malaysia FanPage
2) Then kick the LIKE button here

And if you feel you got more powderful idea.
Why not submit one ??
Ping me and I'll give you a like too ^^v

More details here at :
Energizer ENEGIZE ME Contest

all the best baby ~!!! ^^v



Wansteddy Tales said...

Good Luck JingJing. Usaha yg keras dengan hasil yang mantap :)

Maxloon Ban Leong said...

Rachel.. all the best k!^^

Jing Jing said...

@wansteedy... terima kasih. akan berusaha lagi cikgu ^^||

@maxloon... taking your wish !!

Jasmine said...

Love your Kungfoo Panda pose, that's a really energized stunt! :)