Saturday, May 29, 2010

Hennessy Artistry 2010 - QE II Penang

Land over near da sea with my biatches.
Won free passes from Junk Online !

We're late and super hungry ~
Mc Donald-ing in da car !

Hennessy Artistry fall on Penang and KL ~

Have some celebrity feel for da moment 1st
before drown ourselves at da party ^^v

Yup... my Fun-tastic five bitches ^^

QE2 Penang is an open air house.
Save my hair from smoky smell ~

Bring along my maid to work and it's
her birthday ~~ ^^|||

We're blocking everyone as we're
trying out da best shot >.<||

Still learning... don't complaint la~~~~

Time to rest and get myself a drink

Come one Ji-Mui Sekalian ~
CheeRRssss.... ^^|||

Too phat rap out da partay ~

Marching left and right on da stage ^^

Leg so tired. Get a place to sit.
EhHhh, don't Ban Yao Yeng plsss ~~~

eHhhh, no tarik-tarik baju !
Behave yourself plss ~~~~

No ham-ham sap-sap too plssSSs ~~

Put some Chili Hennessy for her to teach her a lesson!!

It's getting crowded...
so, let's get out and get some fresh air ~

hiao abit since not much ppls here >.<

and some people are just hiao-er than me!

Strictly by invitation only ^^

This board looks YENG man.
Gonna hiao together then ^^v

Time to refill our drink ~
We want MOaRRrrRRR !!!!
ngauMmm ngaumm NgaUmm ~~

Running around to torture da camera again ^^

ooiii , Fatt Hao ar ??

oooiii , Chao Sui ar ???

Caught myself in a candid camera.
OwHh hi , I'm Jing Jing.
Short but cute,
Hairy but sexy,
Crazy but funny,
Thick Face but lovely... T.T ~

Before I'm getting more high.
Catch Sarah Lian first ^^v ~
She's da host for this Hennessy Artistry !

We plan to hiao more before leaving but meet
some other hiao peoples..... >.<

So, join da fun and hiao together then ...^^v

Look like we got some problem getting our car @@~

Posh around while waiting then.
This is what girl do when free lor...
They don't smoke and they can't sit still wor ^^

Ok, gua beh-tahan liao...
Cabut baby ~~ !!!!

It's a great night and
Happy Birthday to you !!!

More photos to kaypo at
Hennessy Artistry Album I

Hennessy Artistry Album II



bingjian said...

hallo...that night i think i got saw u ...haha

Jing Jing said...

oOOhh >.<|| ...

If only we know each other earlier then u can come by n shout