Saturday, May 15, 2010

Starbuck Prangin Mall

Visited Starbuck again ^_^||
Guess the staff also sien with me edi.
Always go get free drink nia... T.T

Their cake always make my tummy...
gili guru ...gili guru ~~

Feel to go near there Fat Hao abit...
Oiii... I'm not ready yet ler ~~~

aiyo... too pale... scary wor =__=||
Snap me nice abit ler... pweaseee ~~~~~

Next time only eat you ya baby...
sekarang takde duit... T.T
you sangat expensive lor baby..... me pok kai lor =(

Come come.... asking my maid to Fat Hao too.
I can see she's a FANs of Starbuck !!!
Look at her shirt.... >.<

How wonderful if Starbuck could let us have some
DISCOUNT if we wore this shirt ^^||| but NOT... T.T

There's my Java Chip with top up cream ^_^
and I start switch my fav to Caramel....

Been holding this for minutes to wait until
nobody block my view...
Fingers freeze to death edi !

and finally !!
No more hantu-hantu and manusia at last !
Chik CHakKkk ~~

Drop in Bread History to buy cheaper bread.
Bo Lui la.... mai ah neh la ~~

aRGhh... why is this bodoh photo store in my album ??
Must be that itchy babi kacau my photo !!!!
Babiiiiii ~~~ *#&$#$&*$#&$)$

As usual. Me and that itchy babi feel we're cute today.
So... gonna torture a your eye a lil bit more... ^^

Been drink eat drink eat drink eat lately.
Yes, I'm regret T.T
Yes, I'm getting fat T.T
Yes, I'm planning liao.
Yes, ok ok
Yes... Okie ~~ !!!
Yes.... T.T ~~~

Waist 25 26 27 28 and increasing...
OMG ~~ !!!!!



Ooi said...

you two help starbucks coffee to advertise .

Jing Jing said...

eRRrRR... starbucks dont need us this 2 cartoons to advertise ler... >.<

蜜蜂王子 said...

came in accidently,love your blog header photo!!