Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day 2010 - Nando

Nando's giving away 7 sets of Platter Chick in 7 Days
for their....

I Love Mom Peri Much contest!

I've never been to Nando with Mama.
Mostly just hang in some fast food restaurant =(
Bad daughter...bad bad !!!

Digging me and mum's pic.
gOOsshh... we hardly took pic together too =_=
Bad daughter.....bad bad !!!

Found this, si-pek cute de bad daughter's pic
and she drink herself =__= ... bad bad !!

Joining Nando's Contest using KFC Pic?
I memang hilang akal T.T ~~~

Sowee lar, soweeee lar !!!
Replace it now !! ~~~~
Jeng jeng jeng ~~~~

Nando's Gurney Plaza ~~~ !!!!

Holding a Nando's Cup rite?
Sap sap sui laaaa ~~~ xD

Holding THREE some more !!!
Sap sap sui laaa... meow ~

And this is da most attractive corner.
Don't miss to try their sauce ~
Tomato, garlic, mild and hot hot chili ~~~

Even my bodyguard can't control ~~~
And there she perform her Kung-Fool ber-chili !!!!
Baila chilly cha cha baila chilly cha ! =_=

This is da Set of Peri Platter !!
Thanks Nando ~~~~ ^^
We pick Lemon and Mild =)

Come with Salad and Coleslaw ^^

and 2 bowl bean bean carrot rice.
1 bowl Fries ~~

Drinks are not included =__=||
Order Apple Sparkling, Lemon Tea and Sprite
which is refillable.... xD ~~~

Myself, I ordered Strawberry Smoothies.
Wahh, I memang enjoy life. Sendiri minum yg mahal.
T.T ... I'm too coward to take gas drink.
It'll blench my stomach ..... * scare scare *

And this is ME !!
Ooooiii , though it's Mother's Day.
Apa pula one mother photo pun takde ???!!!

OooOo... sorry sorry ~
This is my MOTHER !!!!
Happy until see NO eye and NO teeth =_=

and she's my HOT Chili mama !
lame rite?....I'm just trying to be artistic =__=||

and me ~ The Manja one ~
ZzzzzZz ... grow up biatChhhhhh !

ONE MORE !! syokKKkk ah ~
Torture ur eye, torture ur eye!! >.< ~~

Alright, gota end this post with...
Mama's meow meow face xD ~~

Oooiii , stop making fun of her !!
=__=|| ... Don't worry ....

She's gonna be da Happiest Cat in da world.
woOOFff woFfff ... ^^
galalalallgRRRrrRRr ~~~ !!!!

And not forget...
Thanks to NANDO's for this wonderful gift !
You feed us well and we are peri-peri happy ^^

Wish to have a peri-peri happy moment ?
Kaypo it here;
Nando's FanPage

^_^v weeee ~



mama zharfan said...

sooo cute :)

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good blog!