Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Prizes for February 2010

Been joining photo contest lately.
Was torturing my camera until it need
some medical check up T.T

Let's see what I got here

EOE Photo Greeting Contest

1)Philips MP3 Go Gear 1gb Black SA3115

Winning Photo
A good timing captured during Christmas.
Sorry Ms.Yaya, kissing U bcum one of our habit edi!!

Ruumz 15Malaysia Film Share & Win Contest
Link : Ruumz Share & Win Winner List

1) Acer Aspire One Netbook Black
My New Toy of da Month

This is a newer version of Acer Aspire.

And here's her owner ^_^
Miss bermata katak !!!

yea... ofcoz she's happy !! She's a net-book maniac ^^

Sexy black.... phee witttt ~

Gonna show U the differences between
Da OLD and Da NEW one since I win nothing much
this Month. Will spend some time to do some study
for this , ok ok ?.... =)

This is da first batch....
The touch pad only can scroll up n down + left n right

Newer version more powderful !!
Can enlarge, two fingers to move active windows
Design like a MacBook wanna be ^_^

Old one... The head arr....
Simple-simple black-black and plain only

New one... Got Acer's Logo which looks more pro.
And da webcam state it's optimized wor O.O

Old, on da right side... it has...
Cable port, LAN port, USB satu...
Mic port to jerit... Earphone port to bomb ur ear
and a cover up SD Card....

Left neh, it has ... Dua lubang sahaja ~
This is a good thing.
U can continue editing ur pic when someone
change ur SD card at the other side.....

New one...
they shift over da SD card to the right side jor
Not so convenient for the right handed. =(

So, U can't change da card while u're busy with da mouse.
Cos its at da same side, its blocking ma ...idiot =_=

2)P1W1Max Wiggy with 2 years Free subcription
Online seem easy all over my house... =)

Revvv up Revive Contest
1) Cheque
So coincident that I got this photo when I join
Jay Chou's Kungfu Dunk Contest last year =D

Ruumz True Legend Photo Contest
My making and submission --> HERE

1)True Legend Shirt
Sou Hak Yee !!! ( means begger =__= )
Kinda suit me as I love begging votes ... ^_^||

2)True Legend Cap and Bag
I got lotsa Cap d, looks like I gonna
wear this up when I beg votes. More sincere!!

And gonna collect Ang Pow with da bag on
Next Year CNY too ~~

4)True Legend TGV Tix x 2
OwHhh, looks like this prize doesn't belongs
to me. Gonna giveaway... weeee ^_^

** Once I get it , immediate mail to friends edi **
************ NO PICTURES *****************


1) Samsung OMNIA II
This is so... Ohh myyy Godd ~~
Been collecting puzzles night and days for
the Samsung Puzzle contest and... LOST !!!

I was stunt when I knew I won for this!!
I only submitted one and was late to submit more...
But it WORKS .... thanks god =D

Fully equip , complete set ~
Winning prizes from Samsung is definitely a GOOD DEAL !
They always sporting to GIVE more than abit ^_^

The chosen ones!

Rachel Beh:
Cool design for your eyes,
Speedy enough for fingers to exercise,
Sexy to the girls and guys,
Own a Windows Phone and get Personalised!

Kiran Kumar:
Life’s full of sexy temptations when you have
a cool personalised windows phone as a playmate
to fulfill all your speedy desires

yeeeee haaa ~ Congratulation ~!!!

Thanks to Window 7
Thanks to Samsung
Thanks to ruumz



Vincent said...

win so many thing..not bad ah

Jing Jing said...


just some rat rat hobby brings in some reward =)

koh cheong, koh cheong ~