Tuesday, March 30, 2010

CyberSAFE - Digital Contents Competition

This contest got TWO categories...
Either U wanna submit a picture or video.
Or maybe BOTH !!

But I'm in da mood for video!!!! xD

Was kinda new at this ....
Never try to do a cartoon clip before.

Spending few days to study.
Error error , black out and dizzy,
hang hang hang... wait till nak mati,
wahHh...so geram... feel to cekik my pc!!!

Time was so limited,
I have to die-die one out ~ T.T

There you go...
Internet Fraud - Shopping Freak !

Something wrong with the quality,
Pai seh as I'm new and in hurry,
Will spend more time to study,
Thanks for supporting and I love yew baby!!!

The result
^_^v ...

3rd Place - Canon IXUS 95 IS Digital Camera
Rachel Beh Jing Jing

I knew I've been spamming all over facebook. >.<

Thank YOU !!

Thanks to Cybersafe Malaysia!!

gratz to all winners ~~~ =D

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