Saturday, February 20, 2010

PBIM @ Penang Bridge International Marathon 2010

Penang State Government, organizer of
PBIM @ Penang Bridge International Marathon is
encouraging all Penangites to enjoy sports
activities as way of life.

Penang Bridge International Marathon is the
largest mass-participation sports events in Penang.
Bringing tens of thousands of runners out onto the streets.

PBIM creating awareness by running a contest
in Facebook too. Just post up your idea on
Why everyone should join PBIM at PBIM's Facebook Wall.
Get your friends to vote and stand a chance to
win a Hard Rock Hotel 2 Days 1 night in Penang!!!

and here's my submission....

Join in the fun of running,
With the spirit of healthy living,
Sociable activities to release the stress,
Burn the fat and get out those sweats,
Enjoy sight seeing and clear your mind,
Motivate all generation for a healthier life!

Together with my action of running and not =__=||
Yea... pretty lonely over there.
Nobody is running with me or I'm running to slow behind >.<

and hurray.... The Hard Rock Hotel 2 days 1 night voucher
goes to me. Thanks PBIM for organizing this contest and
Thank YOU who gave me a vote !!

There I took half day leave and went to KOMTAR

it's been some times I never go in this building.
Abit lost to find the way.....

Cute survey I saw at da counter !!
I feel to take it and stick on da receptionist's head instead
of put in da box... hahHAHAa xD ~

And I get my number... so kewl ~
Miss No. 0123 from Penang .....
Body 36 24 36 , height 160cm ... ZZzzZzz * dreaming *

Please tighten up your seat belt.
As Elephant Jing is going to land here .....

* kachaKK kaChaKK * Some KAYU pose in receiving da prize.
Hard Rock Hotel 2 days 1 night ~~~ ^_^v wow !!!

Proudly present by PBIM ~
Penang Bridge International Marathon ..... ^_^

Tidy small office with full information ~
Penang is everyone's dream destination !

Foods, Places, Event, Delicious and Fun are all here.
Come and feel the moment of laughter and tear !

Final BIG BIG Smile showing my teeth,
Leaving da office giggling like baby ~

Please tighten up your seat belt.
Elephant Jing is going to depart ~

Thats my journey from start to the end,
There's how da prize gets on my hand ^_^

Gonna gather all my biatCheSS to RocK,
Beach Party with bikini and top,
Splashing water like a wet dog,
Snap every moment that looks hot !

weeeeee ~
Stay tune for more bikini's photos
( alrite, I lie ....... T.T )


Raymond Choo said...

jing jing MMG is so cute in the pic..

Jing Jing said...

Mini Mini de ppl sure cute de xD
Shake hand shake hand !!!