Saturday, February 27, 2010

Kek Lok Si Temple, Penang

Me and my biatChes decided to pay a visit
to KEK LOK SI Temple, Penang.

We are suppose to drive up....
4 Giant monsters with me this mini rat
squeeze in one little Perodua Kancil and
gets stuck for 45 minutes.... =__=

We doesn't wanna waste time...
Gets bored playing with da horn....
Boott bottt ~

Staring at each other's big tummy.
We decided to climb up!
Come on... is time to do some exercise ~~

We knew da lubang-lubang to short cut
our journey and reach Kek Lok Si safely ~~~

Sweating like cats and donkey...
Finally WE REACH !!!
Ta ... da ~~~~~ Nice arrR ??

My DSLR still doing her medical check up.. T.T
I'm using my FujiFilm FinePix Z and got such effect ...
Nice hor ?? NICE HOR !!!

Almost everywhere hang up with Lantern....
and almost everyone hunting for drink !!
What a record to climb 100+ stairs at this hour.
Excuse me, excuse ....Thirsty Thirsty !!!
WATER .... WATER !! dying ~ ee oo ee oo ~

Everybody Beh Hu-Beh Hu queue up to pose ~

There I sweat like a Lembu who just finish
ploughing da paddy field.... T.T
Hey, why is that auntie starring at me??
Mei kin kor leng lui arrr !!!!

Nobody missed da chances...
All come, mari mari pose !!!

Mari Mari.... welcome welcome ~
Our 1st try out with Miss gim gim ...
Nice hor....?? ( not her..... )

Is my turn, Loop me in !!
I'm Nice hor ?? Cute hor ?? OF COURSE !!!

eiii ... something wrong with their height !!
Ah Wei, you grew taller after a few minutes stretching~
Congratulation ~ God heard you and ur dream come true!

gosSShhh.... some gang photos save somewhere else.

* to be continue ~

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