Monday, February 22, 2010

Hard Rock Hotel, Penang

Pack with Rush...
Chips ..... check
Drinks.... checkkkk
Tigers..... check check check !!!!

I'm here... at Hard Rock Hotel ~ ^_^

Gets welcome by Fantastic Four !!

Stuck here to wait for my room....
Gets a free juice while waiting...
So nice.....~~ ^_^

Guess this is where da Rock Band appear at night ~

throwing my bag in da corner there...
see see ???

I just cant stop snapping ~
Almost all kinda angle... weeee ~~

Here's my room. 302 302 302 ~
Superstitious me need to knock 3 times b4 entering.
My face under da lighting looks scary =__=

an immediate WOW when we open up da door ^_^

Here's gonna be da crowded corner later >.<

Didn't expect da technology are over my expectation ~
U can hook up with your ipod with da hifi ....
And SOMEONE is smart enough to bring along external hd ;)

and that SOMEONE had start her Bom Bom Pow Corner.
and She's not yet bath !!! yerRRrrr ~~~~~

For me, ofcoz I love this online corner... kEKkeek x}

Here's gonna be another crowded corner too.
And da bathroom, U can see through from here !!!
I'm standing on a Ham-Sap spot , very good Feng-Sui ^^

My gang finally arrive and they just busy stood there peeping
people at da pool side !!!! PervishHhh!!!!!

Fun time not even start and I'm starving...
mUncHhh munChhhh ~~~~
My online corner transform to da kitchen... babi !! T.T

TV de channel also lebih GAYA... wah seh ~

Da rest of da biatCheS arrive and we wave our FLAG up high ~
Warm welcome to my beloved biatCheS at da pool side ~~

We keep forgetting our stuff. Been going up and down with da lift.
Mean while we keep torturing the mirror.... =__=
Don't worry, I've make sure there's no crack before we leave ~~~

we looks so thin... wow ~ !!!
Diet success !!! congratulation ~~~

Never the less... The Siao CaBo in action again lor ~
They believeeee they can fly ma and then pok kai.... =__=

carry on with Titanic... U jump , we don't jump ~

satu kali Jump memang tak cukup .....
There go again U jump U jump U jump ...
We don't jump, We won't jump, We're not going to jump !!

There I saw this big bully conquering da kids zone!
Thanks God, she gets punish by Elephant's pee~~

Then the whole gang joining !
Shame on them. Grow up biatCheS!!!

and now introducing the Mafia...
Miss Shorty from 7 dwarf Village ~

Miss Big Head from Alice in da wonderland !!

Miss Karipop Head from Kalimuthu City =__=||

Miss Big Mouth from Pacific Ocean ... xD ~

Miss Mang-Kee from Botanical Garden !!!

Opss... and myself.
Jeng jeng jeng... Miss Beauti-fool ^_^|||
( weee , wat to do... this is my blog xD )

saw some ugly giant frog resting...
they sounds like a cow.... moo moo ~ scary ~

like Genting theme park... o.O

spy-cam's are everywhere for tight security ^_^

splashing activity finally over.
and they are my biatCheSSss with good behavior ^_^

and some idiot who doesn't know how to behave!!

yup... we didn't miss any corner to left our foot prints!

Every corner... I mean EVERY CORNER !!!

yesss.... EVERY CORNER !!!

View from my room ^_^v

I saw da Giant Frog again....
They are everywhere.... aRghhhh O.O|||

My sista pay us a visit ~~~

There we make noice together ^_^

and we make love together.... O.O|||

Da Partayyyy start again... as usual...
We let our Tigers swimming 1st .....

A Tiger cum Ballerina drinking style....

a gang of pig ~

I caught someone stole da whole sauce from KFC!!!

ngauUmm ngauUmm... hungry ghost festival ~~~

we roll on da floor then goes up to da bed....
guess someone mabuk again....

Light's off and da partayyy 's over ~

what a tiring day...
from dry to wet , wet to dry , dry to full , full to drunk ~

Thanks PBIM for letting us to have so much fun !

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