Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hard Rock Hotel's Breakfast and View

This is da 2nd day....
Me and Gim are those natural born creature
who always wanted to eat Breakfast in Hotel ~~

Kuat Morning my friend !!
See, I told ya I know where is da hamsap spot with
Best Feng Sui to see thru bathroom ! ^_^v

can see, cannot eat .... it's rocking expensive
* sob * T.T

this is FREE !! Hard Rock magical Mineral Water....
Gonna grab dozens from da receptionist .... FREE ma !!!!

A very kuat morning view =} .....
How cool is this ??
I crawl out from da window to capture this !
I split on da balcony with one leg hook at a steel then
bending 90 degree with a 48.87 angle.... bla bla bla ....
siao ar !!!! Even Spiderman can't do that ~~~

Too early.... takde rezeki ,
Takde yang tampan, takde yang sexy,
Though I could snap someone with bikini ..... cheh !

Running like dog and chicken heading to get our breakfast ~~
Hungryy ~~ hungry !!!!

Jui La Jui Beng Beng...
Jui Jui Jiak Ba Jor Lang Beng....
Which is da Best Feng Sui table ??

Siew Mai is one of gim gim's favorite ~
One Siew Mai equal to ONE bow of rice !
Eat some more la .... fei sei lei arrr !!! ~~~

My favorite tomato and.... butter cake >.<||
Cake cake cake , really cake-sei ngo...
How la to avoid eating those oily thing ~ I love it wor T.T

and SALMON.... yeSSss , I hate cat but I love fish ...
I'm an extraordinary puppy who eat fish !! meOwWww ~~~
I'm chewing them like bubble-gum.... awww SALMON !!!!!

ngaum ngaummm ngauMMmm...
Really Ng Bei Min... at least smile to me b4 U eat !!!

She's probably chewing her Siew Mai ....
and I guess She's signing that she's chewing ONE Siew Mai !
How I know ?? See her finger la.... ah doi !!! =__=

Jeng jeng jeng.... ME ME ME !!!
I'm not trying to be Yao Yeng but hor...
My eye really cannot open early in da Morning =_=|||

see ?? This is da result if you force me to widen my eye.
My eye natural born simalll like baby cockroach ...
Please accept da facts .... T.T
Don't compare me with Ultraman la !
Their eye are scary fake, sebesar telur ayam wei !!

I didn't lie , OK ... ~~~
It's actually bigger than an egg !!! O.O |||

or maybe I close my mouth ?
Does it make my eye looks bigger ??

Alright , I give up !!
I hate to looks like a Char Siew Bao !!! =_=|

This is one of our favorite too ^_^ ...
Low Fat Milk and healthy cornflakes...
We share a bow.... we keep fit and Keep FAT too =_= ||

Her record is to chew TWO hot dog at once !!
I've told her to be low profile... but she still showing off !

how smart !! Like that ma can snap both of us lor .... ^^
I'm a genius, GENIUS !!! ( like that call genius ??.... teng !!! )

My Yao Yeng eh sun glasses ... RM15 cheap cheap.
Bought at Penang Campbell Street . Want ? Call me ....~~
I know da Tauke Neo .... I can get better price... ^_^|

Saw another type of fishHHh...
Serang serang !!! Siapa cepat dia dapat ~ wow !

Seaweed soup... kinda buka selera ~~~
But our appetite seems never close .... @.@

Excuse me.... itu kan my Yao Yeng de sunglasses ??
Rent you RM0.50 per minute... weeeee ~

Mou Ban Cool !!
Charge you extra RM0.50 per minute~~ !!
Huat arRRr.... huattt aRRrr ~~~

Wei, U seriously looks like Angelina Jolie...
But I doubt which part ... still thinking hard...
( definitely not your boobs, no way !!! ~~~ )

keKEKkee... Cute isn't it !!!!!

***bulb*** .... I'm FULL ~

walk around for digestion .
Rock Band's Pyjamas !! ( errr, i forget da name... )

umm... this is a... giant violin ??
but but but it doesn't looks like guitar wor >.<||
Don't scold me la, I'll improve my blogging skill ... T.T
I haven't update my brain to store more memory ~

I think it's a Guitar la hor ???
And I confirm beside that is my shadow ^^.

ngaaa ~ I confirm this is A GUITAR liao !!! >.<
( geezz... blind also know this is a guitar laaa )

Saw a terrorist holding an unknown weapon !!
Security , SECURITY !!!!

aww... very nice curve , nice angle... nice camera-gal ~~
Ummm... just ignore da green tree stand beside me....

awww... baby , U R CUTE !!
Guess what ?? ME TOO !!!! xD

Tour and Transportation Corner

All the where and how and what and wow about Penang!!
U can see this Corner all around Penang now days ...
Penang Government are working hard to promote our
Pulau Mutiara ~~ Diamond Diamond !!!

This is da room for pool view.
U can directly naked and jump out from ur room straight away!
yaba daba doooo ~ I stood there awhile and nobody did that =_=

This is another side where da Rock Band go Bing Bang Bong
psstt psttt... kuchaa kuchaa chit chit chit ...
( eh, that's my description la. Not the way they sing =_= )

arlow... I'm jing jing . I wait so long to snap this area.
Why la that guy don't even know how to act Smart abittt !!

A friendly Hard Rock staff help us with this ...
YahOOooOO ~~~ !!!!!

Quite lots of choices to have fun...
Got sea view, on the ground floor is pool view...
U can pick to gets wet on sand, grass or maple floor.

We found our corner to set up our machine gun !

and da Master Jing is here.
Kesi kesi touch here and there like she's
da one who set up ... Ball Door !!

Beep !! Torturing camera section starts now ~~

Looks a lil like Traffic Light ... Red and Green ... =_=

Smell da Penang Island ~ Surround by sea...
Living Peace with Malay, Chinese, Indian etc ee-tee-see,
Historical Place of British, Japanese and Orang Jawi ( got ar ? )
U can round island or cross to main land with our Giant Ferry!

Harmony view ....

Sometimes I can't believe I'm in Penang....

waHHhh, what happen ?? Saw ghost ar ??
One run like chicken little , the other like king kong !!!

=__=|| .... they start with their flying thingy again ~

and weight does matter >.< |||
Hiak hiak hiak... too heavy ...T.T

when da flying mission fail....
They blame each others lor... =_=

Nevermind baby, we go for something else !!
Next Mission !!!

Yao Yeng leh... let me do the cutting.
I'll make sure nobody sees you fall down >.<

>.<|| ... maybe we should just behave like a girl la...

Tak apa adik... jangan malu
We try again next year !!!!

Next station ~
Bendera Berkibar di angkasa,
Lambang negara gagah !!!

Next station ~
We won't get enough one....

wow... next station ~~
Actually is da same place at different angle ler =_=

Parachute parachute... aiya... too siimalll >.<

I'm so lazy to walk around la, can we just sit down?

Ah, this is easy. Just have to move my arse n move da
camera around... xD

No cameraman is kinda.... disadvantage.... =(

I still learning the focusing skill ....
Hard Rock's Wording disappear jor !!!

and when it appear... We looks blur wor... =(

Try several time... i thinks this da best I can do.

Bitch sit on da bridge.

This bridge connect us from Hotel to da beach.

Heard this is a famous doll....
Let me take this chances to act cute!

Allah, tak habis-habis lagi ....

Tak pecahkan cermin, Tak sanggup balik >.<

Meow... I don't think we are scary.
Most girls are like that. Are U ?

Someone act like Manager....
Wa beh song liao.....

U can see this almost everywhere....
If U are lucky, U can see some sensor thingy.
I DID !! xD

Still have to clear up b4 heading home. Sien nia... T.T

Wahhh, like that also can ar ??
No wonder you don't have a boyfriend !!

aHHHh, I can't wait for this moment...
Bath in da rain !! I've told ya I LOVEEE the bathroom!!!

Jing was here, JING WAS HERE !!!!
( what a kampung girl =_= )

Random snap..... practicing skills

Another random shot ...^^

Feel to do some artistic shot ^_^

Out from our room ~

Take this opportunity to go near da
King of Pop ~ Michael , MICHAEL !!!!

Feel to grab some souvenir over Rock Shop...
awww... just ignore that siao cabo.
Guess she' still stuck with yesterday's alcoholic =_=

Yup, going in...
Don't always block my view la.... babi !

Spend 100+ bugs for these =_=
Finally broke.... $$$$$$

Kao tim and we're heading home ^_^
Yea, I knew I took weeks to blog this.
Alot of pictures , I link till my finger's cramp ...

Thats the END of my torturing blog.
Do wash your eye after this ^_^

Thanks PBIM and Thank YOU guys who's reading.
weeeee ~

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