Saturday, November 27, 2010

Spritzer - Tinge in you Best Shot Contest Winners

Putting my hat on and wondered will this work...

I quietly kidnap my nephew's horse.....
there in the room I go kik kok kik kok kik kok ~
and madly shout yeebaa yeebaaa hiakK hiakKk !!!

Out of all weird-weird riding photos...
I decided to submit this NOT SO GILA one >.<

I even went to the park and chased away kids @@
There I slide down like an Ehh Lee Fern...

I almost become a satay burning under the sun T.T

Looks like I do enjoy the feeling....
of getting my arse burned off T.T

Crawling around like a cockroach ...
I think this is the best shot !

I still didn't feel enough....
Ran to the jogging track to try something else =_=

ah doiii....
Seriously it wasn't easy.....
I K.O a few times before the ambulance arrived...
Choyyyy !!!!

My photographer felt this expression is da best.
Like Superman wanna be !!
umm... even I feel is more like KAP SII.. >.<

and.... I finally K.O.... T.T ~~~~

So painful.... so hot... so thirsty =( ....

Butttttt.... I won the weekly prize !!
My silly cowgirl yeeba yeebaaa hiak hiakk got chosen~!
It's based on judges choice ~ ^^v
Thanks Spritzer Tinge !!!

yes yes yes !!!
Thirsty no more, 2 boxes of Tinge @@

I got TGIF Voucher with a bear bear ~
Got Shila and John's CD album ^^

Not just that....
Cowgirl yeebaa yeebaa hiak hiak won the...
Grand Prize ~~ !!

Can't believe it... it's 16gb Ipad with 3G !!!

Sleep also hugging it ... ^^||

I got no cameraman...
So, I keep syok sendiri ... >.<

My lil baby like it too.... ^^v

So happy knowing my efforts pay off ~ ^^
Been resting for weeks... hopefully I'm fully charged.

And Congrats to all winners of
Spritzer - Tinge in you Best Shot Contest !!

There's more to come.
You might don't want to miss the fun at
Spritzer Tinge FanPage



Mama Zharfan said...

congrats! u deserved it!

Wansteddy Tales said...

Kreatif dan ada usaha yg tinggi. mmg selayaknya menang hadiah. tahniah ya :)

Jing Jing said...

@mama zharfan... Happy dat u drop by ^^ * HuGG *

@Wansteddy... Ten kiuew ^^v