Sunday, November 28, 2010

Chui Ling's Cutiemoon DIY Contest Winner

2 months ago I messed up my mum's kitchen...
because I'm sooOOo sooo enthusiasted in winning
a date with Chui Ling ....... ^^v

Previous post at CL Cutie Mooncake Contest

and my Burger Mooncake got chosen !!

Happy sei ngooOOo ~~
but too bad it clashed with my performance in Penang... T.T
I couldn't make it..... but glad my friend was willing to
represent me ..... yeSs yesSss !!

Visiting Chui Ling's FanPage....
Saw all winners have a wonderful time ~ ~~ awww ~~

and I was so surprised when I saw this ~~~

One of the winner even captured this for me ^^
Thanks Louis Ng ~~~
awww... my heart just melt..... and and... I wish I can send over my head T.T

nevermind... coz you know what ??
I got my cutie mooncake send all over from KL !!

awww... Thanks Chui Ling & her assistant sekalian ~~

I received a bottle of wine... =)

yes... luv it !! ^^

then I got this Chui Ling's signature card ^^

and and I got her Tastefully Chic book with me...
It's an introduction of 200 delights in KL ~ O.O

with the most meaningful page ^^ ~

my baby also insist to take pic with em >.<

I got this aW Eco bag too !! =D
aW.... Angel Wong... nice nice ^^ ~

This is a meaningful incident I would not forget.
Like my sweetest dream ever ~

Hopefully I could meet her somehow in the future,
tomorrow... next week... next month... >.<||

Alright... wake up.
I'm looking forward..... =)



sy said...

Hah! I need to comment on this. You're soooooooooooo lucky!!! But too bad you couldn't make it. Hopefully one day you can meet up with Chui Ling.. :)

Anonymous said...

Errr.... actually is not "aW"..
is.. "CL W".... =_=|||

Jing Jing said...

@sy ... yes, so lucky !!! hopefully, hopefully ~~~~~

@Anonymous... har, isit >.<||
OOooOo... thanks for telling.
I'm soo blurrr T.T ~