Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Nokia C3 Socialista Contest

Last month I joined this Nokia C3 Socialista Contest
Is kinda for all Facebook fanatics, Twitter-holics and Chat champs.
You have to show how sociable you are with the Nokia C3 Socialista Meter.

All points are accumulated like....
how many crazy friends you got in your Facebook .
how many silly followers you got in your Twitter .
how many fathers and mothers you got at home... >.< (you believe ar ??)

Most kapster one will get chosen to be the...
Nokia Socialista Princess ~~~

Yea... I won the 3rd week as the noisiest one ^^

Now is the most exciting period.
Princes have to fight among themselves in order to be King
and Princesses have to do the same to be a Queen.

The voting period is live now.
You gotta TAKE YOUR PICK ~

And vote for RACHEL BEH the BEAR... ^^v
also ANDY TELASAI the SAI.... >.<|||

Must make sure you clicked and turn us RED like ang pow !!!

You need to put in your details and give a
hard kick to the VOTE button !!!
>> VOTE Nokia C3 Socialista<<

Important : Check email from Nokia and verify vote.

or else it's not counted and all effort goes to the drain T.T

Eat rice or porridge depends on you guys liao....
I'm too old to be princess liao... let me be QUEEN la >.<|||

Ohkay... I need to go back trawling for votes liao.
Hopefully good news la ya.... ^^

* keep finger crossed *



Anonymous said...

Since you're into contests and stuff. Check this contest out from Pixajoy.com.my, Malaysia's joyful online photo book service, or so they say - http://www.pixajoy.com.my/photo-contest/home

EKKO AZZA said...

i lakie it

EKKO AZZA said...