Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Soi Eleven with Drunk BiatChes

It's a reunion party for my biatChes gang again !!
We gonna rule Soi Eleven, Penang.

Getting excited to go out.... =D
I've jailed myself months for contest

This monkey had her 1st time seeing
the Tour at Soi Eleven

She's cute huh... ^_^

Crazy-ing in group ^_^

Lovely ying and ewen.... ^_^

My beloved biatChesSSs ~~ weeee ~

I've no idea where come this charming prince and sexy o.O||

comes a new chick... xD ~ phee whitt ~

aha~ Catch a lovely pair... goTChaAAa ~

It's a FUN night for posing... lalala ~

It's a FUN night to gets drunk =__=|||

Da Best BiaTch of the biaTch... =_+

Okie... i kena again... ~
She owiz feed me with that !!!!

How much fun and release over here.
I can't wait for what's coming next ^_^....

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