Sunday, October 19, 2008

Jobsbroadway Contest - Sony Ericsson Z610

Jobsbroadway Contest - Sony Ericsson Z610
I'm always interested in photo contest that require creativity...

Its about 12am but i catch gim gim to snap with me....
And Uh-lala....the next morning gim gim ring me up and said "Eh, we really won the HP"
but...... We must go down KL.... =.= "

This is our winning photo

and I wrote this....

She’s my favourite living toy,

Stand by me everytime I dumped by my boy,

She did her best to cheer my day,

Give me confident and show me a way!

This friendship like sisters is something I won’t regret,

Thanks to JobsBroadway for an opportunity to express!

Here's the show off moment ...=}

We are so hungryyyy , so we cepat-cepat cari makan.

Then meet up my comper friends KingKongChow & Ivy wee wee ~

then then...go jalan jalan ~

makan again at Chee Chong Kai ~

I did walk around the compleks....

and guess what I see ? Someone that I hate so much (named MUSHROOM).

so, I decided to walk over and CEKIK him....

Here's the Sony Ericsson Z610...I always want a new handphone but never got luck win it. This is my first time winning Handphone and hardly decide should I go collect it ?? This HP cost RM800+ , so I think is worth to send RM100 a journey down to KL .... =}

aikss....the very last minute, guess what I've bought ??

jeng jeng jeng....

soooo cute!!!~ Its magnetic and I'm sticking him on my fridge =}

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