Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Lucky October My Month

Lucky October - My Month! my birth month. But I'm not excited toward my coming birthday. Would love to list out the prizes I won for this month....

Umm...guess what for the 1st Prize I received ???
Jeng jeng jeng... =.=" ~
yes, is uselesssssssssss to me...................

Alright, better than nothing. It is a famous brand anyway. Useful to papa & mama =} .... I never really look into this err...condom before. So, i take this chances to squeeze squeeze then bend left and right then ....??? then ?? throw to my parents.... =}

Coming next... jeng jeng jeng ~Two chess set from 'shot your tomato contest' , organized by You can see my funny pictures taken to participated at his website. It doesn't really look funny, I think I'll describe it as crazy....

This is my winning photo - Funny Tomato

yea... can't really believe I can do things like that in the bathroom o.O" but I did. Is not easy. Really. It took me so long to pose, the camera girl and me jz can't stop laughing....

Here, I grab gim gim to Participated as well - Cute Tomato

Happy for this winning, the feeling was (don't knw how to express) but I'm selling this Chess Set.

Nobody play with me ={ ..... and no place to show off as well.

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