Saturday, October 4, 2008

who is ryejoe?

There must be a reason you come to this webpage. But since you're so interested to find out.

so...let me introduce myself a lil bit then. I'm a Chinese Penangites whom doesn't know chinese yet very poor in english. ( You can see many typo, jz act like nothin la ok....)

Love sports but lazy most of the time, love surfing the net 365 days a year, 7 times a week.

You can see me all around.... yep, i can go thru the wall... (BooOoo!!)

Nope...I'm not a ghost, just a wizard....hungry wizard...~

Sowee....i enjoy eating, enjoy sms, enjoy talking, enjoy photo snaping. absolutely acceptable to do all at once lor.... ( rite?? rite??...) i know pity the photographer

This is my 1st blog. I'm not a blogger actually.... I'm a comper...
(huh, wat is it a comper??)

Ohhh...a comper hor, is actually someone whom like to play contest lor.
(huh, play what contest???)

ERrrr....just like... play online game ar, submit some slogan ar, quiz ar... then win prize lor.
( prize? House, car, money.....then you win what???)

=.="...qi sin, so easy win. Everybody no need work la.....

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