Friday, January 16, 2009

Counting My Prize for 2008


I plan to be a blogger on my birthday 2 months ago but you see… I’ll never make it.
There’s just no time for me to show off over here !!!!

Let’s just roughly list out what I’ve won for 2008…

1) RM450 Parkson vouchers

- plus 3 pair GSC Gold Class movie tickets

I sold them online for RM120 and it get lost in postage. So, I’m kinda bad luck.
I should blame myself sending by normal post *&^#$%^&@#%^& !!!
Wouldn’t make the same mistake again !

Continue the battle over at Anniversary Contest…. managed to grab ...

1) Samsung camera S760
pretty nice . Sold one for RM300 and left one goes to my sister =} ….

2) Kodak Multimedia Device .
Well, looks unique but I think is more suitable for kid. Going to sell it off soon and left one for gim gim.

Welcome Serious Buyer ~ !!

3) Philips MP3 1gb Direct USB
I like this one, It allow you to drag your song direct from PC... Very fast , very easy... =D

The best part is , it got recorder function. So, if you sdnly ‘syok sendiri’ and wants to sing. You can just do it & pollute your own ears…. Nice huh ! But I’m going to sell it too…. (Money Face) ...Welcome Serious Buyer ~ ! =}

4) Thumbdrive

5) Some photo frames, LCD screen protector and voucherssss….

Look a lil closer....

You see, I always like their way of service. They always pack nicely and give clear instructions in any issue.

Yes, I took the vouchers I won, bought some frames to give away for friends who support me all this while =] ….

MILO spread your voice contest….

Aiming to win 2 Apple Ipod Shuffle but only managed to get one =} .
Yea…that’s why I plan to sell the Philip MP3 , I only have a pair of ears….

1) Apple Ipod Shuffle 1 gb

It’s so light and tiny yet enables you to clip everywhere…

Surprisingly from Ladyspeedstick deodarant contest.

You need to snap yourself holding their product but I just don’t feel to buy it.
I don’t feel comfortable with the smell…. So, I just edited my pictures by inserting their product images. Ahh, yalor…like that also win wor…=”} …..

1) Fuji film Digital Camera.
I only like the auction mode…. amazing !!

2) Ipod Nano 4gb 3rd generation.
This is the day I know what is IPOD =.=”…

I’m a lazy type who don’t read instruction. It takes me minutes to figure out how to ON it and it takes me hours knowing the way adjusting the volume…and it takes me weeks to know how to download file in it….
And this one goes to my elder sister…=}

3) Guess watch with blinking diamonds.
Their website showing it in Silver colour but I got this GOLD.

I’m fair so I’m OK with any color but I don’t need it. This one goes to my mum =}

Trying my luck at contest …wow ~

1) Apple Ipod 4th generation 16gb.
Yeah, I like this one very very much.
Haha, expensive is one thing, it worth RM799.
It got a clear picture and sounds, the small screen does not bothering me at all watching movies.
I use them everytime I’m in the toilet.
So, if you want to borrow it…. Try hold far from your nose… xD ~

Astro CJ7 Contest

1) 2 units KDK Ceiling Fan with remote
oh...god is incredible. How did he know I need a ceiling fan?!

My room's fan start making noises and the volume doesn't work anymore.

All of sudden received letter asking me to go for collection....
They are not sending over BUT an angel helps me to collect them and courier
to my house =] . Yes, really have to thanks her "SHERY HO HO HO" !!!

Standby one for myself and one goes to my sister as her house warming gift =}

Voize James Bond Contest
1) Champaign Glass , Ah Bond Polo shirt & Key Chain
hmphh.... they said "Quantum Of Solace Champagne Glass Set worth RM 300 each "
hoWw tempting to see such prize....but I am getting this....

Glass set = ONE glass ..... =.="
Limited Edition Quantum Of Solace Polo T For Women worth RM 200 each...
Limited Edition Quantum Of Solace Keychain worth RM 50 each...
Soo.... these 3 things above cost RM550 !!! Don't play play....… yes, won early of the year 2008.

1) RM300 Dragon-I voucher
… oh my god, is soooo delicious!!

Bring along my friends & family..... [pic to be upload soon]

2) RM300 nike voucher….
Use them to buy socks for myself & parents... =D

And bought a Jacket for gim gim =}…glad she like it so much…

3) Some mini radio,
so cute… and makes people misunderstand like a wireless mouse….

4) Some towel, shirt and bed sheet ….
Sorry, so lazy to snap.....

Some caps from Rojak-rojak Contest ( i mean i forget what contest )
Gave some to friends and left some as collection....

I do love cap but I look teribble wearing them.... ={

100 PLUS Contest

All of sudden, received 2 sports kit deliver to me from 100 plus =}….
Look pretty ugly but very useful…. Can put in laptop as well …

[lazy snap, will upload soon]

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