Friday, March 4, 2011

Net Onboard Be Sociable Contest - Badge 1 Winner

hahaha ~ * jumping in joy *

When Net Onboard announced the winner...

I was....
wow wow... yeahHhh yee baa yee baaa !!!!

opssSSs... sorry, I'm over excited ~
You might be wondering how to win it..

Naaaa...Here's my previous blog
Net Onboard Besociable Contest

I was invited for an interview session again.
and too bad... I'm from Penang ~~~

haizz.... abit heartache but is okay.
Technology is so advanced now....
I just need to record on my own n send over ;)

Just a simple video.
All I need to do is....introduce myself.
Express on how I feel and share winning tips !!

hiyoOOhhh.... sap sap sui la ~
Let me rock over it !!!

errrrr.... lame right ? LOL...
I seriously don't know what to talk about T.T ~~

However, I've recorded a proper version.
....but it's in the midst of processing... ^^
Will torture you guys again when it's done!

I received Net Onboard's iphone4 in just a few days~~
awwww...... everything has been activated ^^
Thank you Thank you !!!

fuiyoHHhh... this iPhone4 de lomo lomo feature.
Make me syok sendiri even more.... ^^||

act like young lady....

act cute like bunny

act sexy.... ==||| ~~

okie... enough with my torturing .

If you feel to torture me back.
Then get charged for ~~~~

Net Onboard Besociable Contest for Badge 2 !!

I heard they will launch their next contest
in the middle of March 2011....

For more information.
Go to :
Net Onboard Besociable Contest


Net Onboard FanPage

Gambate ~~~ ^^v


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