Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Prizes for July - August 2009

wow... scary ~
Looks like I've been eating 'habuk' and
habuking around for 2 months already... ={

Let's see what I got here after the last update of
My Month of Habuk ......

Samsung Pix and Xon Contest
1) Samsung Pixon Handphone
Touch screen baby !!

Full accessories ehh...
Samsung is very the scary , very the Sporting !! ~
thats why I LOVE IT ~ weeeee xD

Didn't expect my design can win =D ~

See how simple it is ??
Yet I'm not the most voted ... ^_^"
SuRrrrpriSeeee ~~~
psstt.... must thanks to THE ONE collect for me ^_^

Ruumz Be My Ruumates Contest
1) Ipod Nano 8gb Silver
This is my 3rd Ipod and YESSS !!! wooSHhh~

2) Ruumz Merchandise
The nicest SET of merchandise I've won.

Digi Roadshow at Gurney
1) Merchandise
1st time joining LIVE CONTEST inside the mall...
I'm shaking all the way showing my creativity
but only grab the 2nd Prize.... =_=

Kakiis Ang Pow Contest
1) Al-Ikhlas Voucher RM50
aww... this one goes to my personal Fortune Teller ~
(Ya , I got my private Tukang Tilik to keep me ONG !!)

Kakiis Movie Mania Contest
1) GSC Movie Tix
hey... don't stare at me,
I've give away to Penang supporters for my ruumz ^_^

Kakiis Go Green Contest
1) Sony Charger x 2

[ coming soon on TVJ =__= ]
Too BZ dunno where I put the pic @@

Wawasan Universiti WOU Contest
1) Canon DSLR 450D
ahHHhhh... never never in my life dream to
hold this kind of camera ~

Yao yeng enough, like machine gun !!

Gift (the BAG) from Canon Printer 2 years ago,
Thought it's a sampah , luckily I didn't give away ~
Now, my new toy got her home. ( yes, my gadgets are all femalesss!! )

2) WOU T-Shirt
too big , too big .... and there goes to my bro-in-law ~

I love this WORD !!

Ajinomoto Eat Well Contest
1) Panasonic Microwave Oven
My mum's dream home applicant...
Especially Panasonic !!!
aww... you know, those old folks only want NATIONAL ar...
Since NATIONAL goes disappear....
now their mind only got PANASONIC.... +_+

Again, I could never-never NEVER afford to buy for her.
How happy when it comes to me....

This thing cost more than my salary... O.O" ~
But Mama deserve it....
She help me to glue up the entry formSSsSs
(wonder how many ?? lalala , not telling not telling !!!)

Forget Contest
1) Underworld Keychain

I seriously love this key-chain. Look so cool hor!

* thanks Lee Theng reminding me
my winning post. Getting tired.
To be continue.....

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bettYone said...

whOa~ many winnings aa buddy?
congratulations! another ipod i guess..huhu..so lucky to win the DSLR:) ur mom surely feels happy to get the microwave..