Saturday, October 10, 2009

DiGi Pimp My Broadband


The country is now filled with fear!
Everyone feels that death is near,
Screaming and crying all around appear,
Days and night are full of tears ~~~~

Old and young all together,
Burning Laptops and Computer,
Shouting and waving with a banner ~
Protest over the Silent Killer !!

Investigation shown....
They are all....

Wait till DEATH !!

and... wait till DEATH !!!

Burn to DEATH !!!

Shock to DEATH !!

Drown to DEATH !!

Full to DEATH !

Ugly to DEATH !!

Fall to DEATH !!!

and I don't wish to be the next !!!

DiGi , pweaSeee ~~~

I'm willing to be the hero to save the country,
Promoting and introducing to friends and family,
Putting a smile and laughter to whoever I see,
Proudly presenting the Almighty Broadband from DiGi !!

if you think I deserved to own a DiGi Broadband
for saving everybody..... =}

Mind give me a THUMP's UP ???

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