Monday, July 20, 2009

MWR - Unexpected News

We've been told that there's a "Best Video"
and rewarding extra points into our percentage ~

Ofcozzz.... I did aim for that ~
We have to submit minimum one video.
And maximum.... unlimited submission if not mistaken.

I submit two videos for each Task.
End of the period. I go pump up extra few more ~

umm... coz I wanna do more??
umm....coz ... I'm kinda addicted with the video thingy xD ~
umm.....umm.... errr..... coz I syok la ~!!

70% from public voting...
30% from Judges ....

5 Judges
The Bling! Brothers - Fly Guy and Ross
Editor-in-chief for Faces Magazine - Lu Jing Shia
TV Host & Actress - Sarah Lian
Journalist, Columnist for The Star - Niki Cheong

So, beside trawling votes from all over the places.
You have to be creative for the video task.
Lastly, finger crossed and pray the judges impress with you.

jeng jeng jeng.....
Surprisingly I won two videos out of my nine submission.

( I just aim for one... the one.... Two Handed Genius ...)

Yea... the votes increase a lil and I'm happy enough for that ~

Here's the result ... =D

Check it out for the videos at
Ruumz Best Videos

and my winning videos
My Life My Passion

Two Handed Genius

Thanks once again ~ weeeeeeeeeeeeee ~

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