Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Kisahku ALMERA Contest

Kisahku ALMERA Contest organized by The Star Media Group and Edaran Tan Chong Motor.

It is a 21 days challenge start from 1st October 2013.

1 x Grand Prize: RM 20,000 cash
1 x 1st runner up : RM 5,000 cash
1 x 2nd runner up : RM 3,000 cash
1 x 3rd runner up : RM 1,500 cash
7 x Consolation prizes : RM 500 cash

How to Join Contest ?

Step 1: Watch the video clip of the week on The Star Online
Step 2: Answer questions based on the video clip to earn points
Step 3: Earn bonus points by sharing Almera contest with your friends and family, on FB or Twitter.

Spending my first week approaching my Facebook friends to support me.
I was out from the Top 20 on the last day. Sad....

Lucky me, the organizer take a tight security to monitor the process.
Some of the participants get disqualified. *ouCh

So I managed to squeeze in Top 20 and won RM500 =D !!

Prize ceremoney take place on 7th November 2013 at Menara Star.

Everyone waiting anxiously to get their cheque. hahahaha

Some light refreshments . Nice.

Coffee or Tea or Me ~ wo ai ni ~

Grand Prize Winner : Mr. Desmond Ling Chung Wei
Wow.... he is so happy !! *envy*

Group photo for all winners ! ^^
Congrats once again ~

So my efforts paid off ! ^^
I got my cheque, I confirm this is my cheque! kekKEkee

Lastly would like to Thanks ^^v
The Star Media Group
Edaran Tan Chong Motor

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