Sunday, November 24, 2013

Express Yourself with PaperOne Contest

Express Yourself with PaperOne is organized by PaperOne.

First of all
I want to thanks PaperOne for organizing this contest.
Me and my family have been a regular consumer of PaperOne.

Reading through the T&C. Be alert that;
* It is organized specially for 4 countries.
* Prove that you are their consumer by having their packaging's logo.
* PaperOne's decision is final.
* PaperOne reserves the right to disqualify entries and cancel the contest.

 Great prizes up to USD20k !! Why not take a chance??

and I take my chance! ^^
simply upload your photo on your Instagram and include the hashtags #PaperOne and #ExpressYourself to participate in the contest!

Let's just keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best!

I would want to FCUK those losers.

Who are you? Who the fcuk is behind Emma Goh's account ?
She or might be a He, been spamming PaperOne's wall with all my info. wtf !!!

What's wrong with you?
I read all your comments...and wonder...
How do you managed to track down all the link from my haters?
It is either yourself the creator who know where the link is.
You know, only killer knew where the knives are kept :/
or you used to be my admire?

Also, Katie Hong? Excuse me ~~~
She said I merely use Photoshop. Photoshop your head !
If I know who are you, I definitely will photoshop a sh*t replacing your mouth.
That fits you best who talk alot of Sh*t !

Please accept the fact that my entry is original and I do put efforts in it !!!!

There's no respond from anyone on the dramas.
So, someone created another identity name Agnes Loh.
Agnes Loh came to further the episodes.... *goosh* ai meh.
Why you so free one???

Ryejoe is a smart contest junkie!
THANK YOU, my talent did freak you out, am I?

She is using computer software to make her entry more Outstanding!
ROFL, do you feel impress after knowing my entry is original?
I am creative. With or without software. I am creative. I am real, U R fake.
Please make it clear, Okay?

Hey hey hey. Hang on a second.
You are seriously fcuking damn nut!
Who is that Toh Lau Tok Tik Tok Tik Tok !!!!
Linking them to me brings what benefits to you now??? *goosh!!!

I don't know who is your target.
Almost everyone who has higher chances in winning received tonnes of complaints.

Surprisingly, not just my entry.
My friends is complaining their entries gets fooled too.

To whoever you are.
I will salute to your complaining strategy if it did makes you win this contest.

You tried so hard to bring me down, it only means I am far above you.


Anonymous said...

ignored them jing jing. your photo is creative. :)

Mohd Roshaidi said...

stupid jealous..ignore it jing jing...all the best to you sifoo...

Mama Zharfan said...

i dun understand my must people jealous of other's effort of creativity...emmm..byk org byk ragam..and it's true..whoever tries to bring us down, it means we are above them :) good luck and all the best :)