Friday, January 7, 2011

Net Onboard Besociable iPhone 4 contest

Net Onboard, one of The Best Malaysia's Web Hosting Companies
with Reliable, Quality Windows Hosting & Linux Hosting,
Domain Registration & Web Design since 2001.

They are now organizing this
Net Onboard Besociable iPhone 4 contest !!

And you might walk away with thisssSSss ~~~~
Apple Iphone 4 worth RM2,290 !!!!

ohkay... how ???
Easy steps are as following ~~~~

Step One
You gonna move your mouse over

Step Two
Move your mouse over JOIN NOW button.
Just go sepak terus and shout Join ahh joinnn ahhh ~~!!!!

Step Three
Authorize on the application by clicking 'Allow'.

Step Four
Fill up your ;
1) Your Big Name - Mickey Mouse, Daisy Duck or whatever ~
2) E-meow - , or whatever ~
3) Gender - Boy or Girl or Gay or both.... @@
4) Agree with the Terms & Conditions - Sorry, you have no choice ~~
5) Press the button (’Next’) to proceed !!!!

Then... and then... due to server sometimes busy...
You will have to wait a lil longer.... ^^

EhhHh... what to do wor.
You think you're the only one want Iphone meh !!

When the wait is over. Taaa daaa ~
You'll see something like this !!!
Of coz you won't get the exact ONG numbers like mine ^^||
* I'm very very Sociaaableee one , don't play play ~~

Step Five
You will need to follow Net Onboard on their Facebook !
yessSSss.... follow them close close ~~~ !!!!

Step Six
You will need to follow their Twitter as well !!
eRrrR.... make sure you follow the right bird lor... >.<

Step Seven
Once above steps are done.
You will need to redeem your Round One Badge !

Step Eight
Upload your Badge to your Facebook and get minimum 10 likes !!

And now, my personal advise.......

You need a spell !!
Make a cute face and read this ~~

Iphone 4 Iphone 4 my little baby,
Up down left right mali siniiii ~
Sushi wasabi semua sila ke tepi,
Iphone 4 please please jatuh mari !!!

Satu hari tiga kali (One day three times)
important : without cute face, spell won't work !

and you're done !! ^^v

All the best to you and do like my badge har ^^ !!
>> Jing Jing's Net Onboard Round 1 Badge <<

Thank you ~ and * keep fingers and toes crossed *


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