Wednesday, September 1, 2010

F&N Fruit Tree video contest

Been BZZzZz updating blog as I've been
rushing up video for this....

F&N Fruit Tree video contest.

Winning criteria base on 60% creativity and
40% public voting ..... yesss !!!

20 secs video but I took days to finish it... T.T
I compose my own song while I sing in da bathroom ~

I feel it's not bad, so I record it down ... =_=
and I play the background song online @@

using my mouse.... T.T

I have no music tissue in my brain but worry not.
I can play DO RE MI and yes only do re mi ... haizz ~

Work ah work, work ah woRk....

Then rush to 7-Eleven for Fruit Tree ~~~

after torturing my neighbors , my mouse , my mic...
Finally my video is done ~~

jeng jeng jeng ~
Spreads the Fruit Tree

This video is about how thirsty I am and
someone came with Fruit Tree ~~
Fruit Tree makes me feel Natural, Fresh and Tasty.
And I should share it all around across the country ^^v

SuperJing spreads SuperJuice in SuperJubilant way!

This is more to entertaining...
SuperJing loves Fruit Tree and drunk away ^^

My skill still very cacat ....
But with your wish, I gonna be more semangat... >.<||
Do borrow your fingers to cross over my fingers.

May good news fall on me soon.... ^^

yup.... dat's what makes me a busy bee lately >.<||



sy said...

good luck.. :)

Kelvin 'finalkt3' Tan said...

When results out?

Jing Jing said...

@sy... ten kiu ;)

@kel kel... not sure,mayb next week after 6th September. hmmm >.<