Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Jing Jing August 2010 giveaway Winners

Ok, Jing Jing August 2010 giveaway I organize earlier finally over
It is so hard to decide. I love more than 2 of them!
Will make up da final decision after receiving some opinion around.

1) This is from Alice H 小仪
My very first participant with her copyright state below.
Her funny dad's bald head some more separate from body one.
ahAHAHahahah .... ( fun teasing ppl eh, stupid !! )

2) This is from Nicholas Thompson David Mok
Good idea to use box head and I love each of the expression.
I still wondering how he draw the star eye ??
How ar ?? I've been thinking of it @@....

3) This is from Dolly Milly
This is a very clean & clear drawing which had surprise me.
I love da big drumstick with those human dat look like kumbang.
ahAHAHahahah !!!!

4) This is from Un Yueh Ling
This is scary ~ Lady Gaga with da Lobster fashion.
Love the JING font so much even da Lady Gaga looks scary.
Macam child's play punya creepy character >.<|||

5) This is from Abel Ang
Impress !!! I wonder how long she took to draw this.
She just drew out exactly how those person looks like
in reality included me >.<||| ~ Kia si lang .....

6) This is from Aishah Megahasz
A very funny Do Re Mi version's family.
And notice dat, their name all start with H !!! O.O
Where.... where is Harry Potter ?

7) This is from Azwan Azri
Another scary submission.
Da batang rokok sebesar pokok =__=|||
Someone please call ambulance... before he burn da house.

8) This is from Yeehua Yeoh
She remind me of my childhood's drawing.
If it's not by mouse, I would believe it's from a child's art.
Notice someone is pregnant ... awwww ^^

9) Last submission again from Azwan Azri
And this time the Si Smoker dress like prisoner =_=||
Eii, why all size telur ayam ??
I thought da size represent you should from Telur Dinasour ~~
( Fun teasing ppl eh >.< )

What do you think ??
I need some opinion here ^^|| ....

It will be my pleasure if you feel to be judges yourself,
drop me a comment or email me with your opinion ~

WATCH THIS SPACE to see who's da winner.
jeng jeng jeng ........

Lucky Winner : (updated 03092010)
1) Abel Ang (yala, yala... blind ppl oso feel ur submission da best )
2) Un Yueh Ling (yala, yala... ur JING creativity makes me syok)

Do email me your address, so that I can kick over the voucher.
Not later than 12-09-2010... pweease ~
and tenkiew tenkiew for your support ~~~

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I'm still waiting for my stuff to arrive for my next giveaway ~
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