Friday, August 7, 2009

Most Wanted Ruumates 2009 - Finale

The moment had come to an end...
The wait is OVER !!!

MWR Finale event starts here !

John Lean , Kingston Liu, Kamen , Chrissy ....
Raeesa Sya , Patsy (my sista) and jack ~
Gossiping around b4 the event start O.O ~

My Sista, Patsy !!
Follow me all the way from Penang ~ ^^

grab my Mook's Shirt and heading to The Loft !

saw this banner.... automatically....
my heart start beeb book beeb book !!~

aww... bed's ready, if you feel sleepy xD

Ok, is time to transform the ladies into a Peacock !!

and is my turn..... Ku KUUuu ~

curi this photo from Peter Tan and I look so.... errrr

pose awhile b4 my curtain hair is about to change!

alrite.... i'm ready... give me a real SM ~!!
i mean give my hair a real SM !!

yea... go baby go ~ as long as it looks nice =} ~

ppssstt ..... perfume for smelly hair @@ ~

and "prOFf" ... u saw u saw a pussy cat ~

catch my sista and Ymeng for a Human Sandwich pose ~

saw the judges ....
Fast fast grab them to pose b4 I'm getting shy ( awww ~ )

my Partner for today Fashion Show
Dicky Oscar .... kewl huh

ran out to find my Ji Mui !!
Esther , Chrissy , ME and Rachel Kokonut~

here, my cameraman for the day Kel Kel also Jennifer Lee ,
its her Birthday ....
HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

then I saw a real pussy cat .... O.O " ~

We are given 60 sec for a performance that night.
Start with Kingston Liu ... ( aiyo , so lucky ar you !! )
He's giving speech with all kind of weird languages ~

Dunno what he's talking about....
If not mistaken... the speech sound's like...
umm.... aHHh EEee Uhhh EHhhh Ohhh ~

Contestant No.2 ...
Pearlyn Sin-Derella xD !!!
She's asking money from Joey-G !!!!

xD... ofcoz NOT , I'm at the washroom.
SOOoo.... i dunno what she's doing @@ ~

No.3 ... Reuben & Kalveen....
They're trying to break the bottle with their head !!

xD... ofcoz NOT , I still at washroom =_=
I heard... they r performing Christmas Song !!

ahem... then me ....
Performing live drawing with Both Hand ~
Black pen with Left and blue with Right ...

ofcoz la nervouz....
U see my drawing also 'senget' edi ...=_="

next... John Lean ~
again with his break dance but this time
he remix it with Shaolin Kung fu !!!

good good, this is Raeesa Sya ...
Using all 60 sec telling how good she is !!!

xD...ofcoz NOT , she tells joke about flip-phone @@ ~

Dicky Oscar !! Again with his FUTURE DANCE ~
soOOoo.... Kewl .... ~

here here.... you gotta watch this !!
yala... i'm so bias .... he got video ~

what to do.... he's kewl leh !!!

aww... this is Ellie Chee ,famous blogger.
She's singging and her highest tone break the glasses ~

next ~ Kamen teached Joey G japanese....
helping him to WOooo a Japanese girl ~

then then... Umar appear ...
Showing us some tips to own a body like him !!

KIWI SEE !!! ... OMG ~
Another creature sing with highest tone...
and break the glass ~

next... Derek Yap
He try to rap but is not his day....
The mic doesn't work, the song doesn't coop =_="

end up Joey G show his rap.... OMG !! COOL !! ~

errrr....but that part didn't manage to record =_=
( eh , I'm not the cameraman of the night ler )

ooOOO... Amanda Choe ~~
Shocking fast and simple .....
She finish up the beer in 10 sec ??
GuRooppp and gurOOoppp .... finish !!! O.O" ~

The Fashion Show + Acer Laptop start ~
Waiting for my turn ..... ( scare scare ~ )

Amanda Choe and Kingston Liu ~

Raeesa Sya and Kalveen ~

Kiwi See and Reuben ~

John Lean and Pearlyn Sin

Rachel Beh... and... ( why didn't snap Dicky !!!??? x{ )

HoooSHh... Luckily got video ~
Dicky Oscar and Rachel Beh
(performing the real crab walk !!)

Umar and Ellie Chee (cheong fun?? xD )

Together runtuhkan stage for final pose ~

Judges invited to the stage to BeeBooOO abit
b4 the moment .... O.O "

everybody damn tension ~ =___=

The announcement for Acer Travelmate
Dicky Oscar and Pearlyn Sin ...
but dunno why I don't have the photo =___=

also The Most Desirable Ruumate
Zakry and Amanda Choe ............
I will go curi from other website later =___=
My cameraman didn't snap wor @@ ~

okOK.... carry on with ....
2nd runner-up goes to ~~~~
John Lean and Raeesa Sya !!!!!!!!

1st Runner-up goes to ......
Amanda Choe and Kingston Liu

The Most Wanted Ruumated 2009 (male)
Derek Yap ... yoyoyo ~

aiceh... didn't expect got video ~~

here here...

The Most Wanted Ruumated 2009 (Female)
The Rachel Behhhhh ........

i think i stole this pic fr NST .... ops i mix all up ~

poor the cameraman, hardly snap me huh ~

luckily i don't go shorter ....

i'm surrounded by man.... weee~

b4 majlis agung tahunan bersurai ....opsss ........ ~
Nooo , it's not like what u think =_+ .....

curi photo from Andy Kho ....

Andy Kho , you are awesome.
You refresh me the MOMENT each times I view this ~

Oh yea ... I got the video of my MOMENT ... xD

The MOMENT with the Judges...
( I got no idea where is Mr. Ross ={ )

Feels good to be in the middle....

MWR Rachel Beh and Derek Yap ....
Me and Derek's cloth match the background , rite... =D ~

I feel proud to have them....
They are the one who brings me up ....

Those who Missing From Action =_="
Tian Chad, Alex, Nicole Chua and Kelvin Tan.

Those who I do appreciate !!!
Ymeng, Jennifer Lee, Pae Pae, SixthSeal@Huai Bin and Angelatte!

Do visit Tian Chad, his MWR blog is awesome!!!

Special Thanks to the MWR Judges
- The Bling Brothers ( Fly Guy and Ross )
- Sarah Lian
- Niki Cheong
- Lu Jing Shia

The Sponsors....
9) Hair Zone
10) Face Image

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